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1996 NABBA 10th Miss World Grand Prix

1996 NABBA Miss World Grand Prix (Download)

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A wonderful line-up of Europe’s best female figure champions of the era.

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NABBA 10th Ms World Grand Prix,
Kaiserslautern Germany, 1st December 1996

  1. Danijela Haric Croatia
  2. Sabine Weeke Germany
  3. Ines Vogel Germany
  4. Petra Zehmisch Germany
  5. Bianca Blumenröther Germany
  6. Simona Misevichiene Lithuania
  7. Verena Dickel Germany
  8. Karin Schmitz Germany
  9. Corinna Walther Germany

DNP: Deborah Steer England
Debbie Gubbels Netherlands
Petra Klaus Austria
Aline Medoux France

  1. Isabelle Streit France
  2. Susana Palma Spain
  3. Claudia Mühlhaus Germany
  4. Brigitte Crepieux France
  5. Thomassine Catalano France
  6. Rose Marie Marchetta Belgium
  7. Claudia Machmor Germany
  8. Lynn Perrot England
  9. Alexandra Baumann Germany
  10. Tina Egden Germany

DNP:  Irina Misevichiene Lithuania
Susan Malekpur Germany
Paula MacCready England