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2010 NABBA Universe: Men’s Prejudging (Blu-ray DVD)
2010 NABBA Universe: Men’s Prejudging (Blu-ray DVD)

2010 NABBA Universe: Men’s Prejudging (Blu-ray DVD)

AUD $49.95

Held in Southport, England on October 30th, the 2010 NABBA Universe celebrated the 60 Years of NABBA. The Men’s Prejudging provides an in-depth look at some of the best amateur and professional competitors in the world. This is our FIRST EVER HD RELEASE ON BLU-RAY. Shot in HDV 1080i (1440 x 1080 interlaced).

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188 mins


A BLU-RAY DEVICE IS REQUIRED TO PLAY BLU-RAY DISCS. If you do not have a Blu-Ray DVD player (Sony PS3, or a stand-alone Blu-Ray player or Blu-Ray computer disc drive with official Blu-Ray logo), you can not play a Blu-Ray disc. The SD Standard DVD is the format you should order.

Held in Southport, England on October 30th, the 2010 NABBA Universe celebrated the 60 Years of NABBA. The Men’s Prejudging provides an in-depth look at some of  the best amateur and professional competitors in the world. This is our FIRST EVER HD RELEASE ON BLU-RAY.  Shot in HDV 1080i (1440 x 1080 interlaced).

The Blu-Ray DVD includes the complete posing routine of all competitors, Amateur & Professional, line-ups of Round 1 and key comparisons from Round 3 for every class.

The overall Amateur Mr. Universe winner was the superbly conditioned MIHA ZUPAN from Slovenia and the Professional Mr Universe winner was the symmetrical and ripped CHARLES MARIO from Brazil. 

Charles Mario was also the Overall Amateur Mr. Universe winner in 2005. 

(Miha Zupan is featured front cover right – above, and Christian Lacoche is pictured front cover left.)

Wayne’s Hard News – 2010 NABBA Universe Report 

Photo Gallery from Prejudging

Rob Szabo
Alex McKenna – The Beef

Please email if you wish to have a custom made PHOTO DVD prepared on any specific bodybuilder or class from this event. Photos by Rob Szabo.

To see hundreds more great photos by GMV’s photographer Rob Szabo as displayed on the NABBA UK web site, all in separate class by class galleries, please see here

2010 NABBA Universe – Men’s Complete Results

Southport, England  October 30th, 2010

Celebrated as the 60th Year of NABBA: 1950-2010                                         


MASTERS OVER 40                                                                                                             

1 Jason Corrick – UK
2 Pavlo Zelenko – Ukraine
3 Nortom James Murayama – Brazil
4 Tony Hanson – UK 
5 Fotis Plevritis – Greece
6 Nigel Cox – UK 
not placed:                                                           
Jurans Normunds – Latvia
Andy Bell – UK
Eric Brugh – USA
Oscar Roberts – UK
Swen Meyerholt – Germany
Paul Megwa – UK
Marco Parisi – Italy
Wolfgang Peetz – Germany
Gennadii Gorbatenko – Russia
Thierry Bidault – France
Ernst Barnet – Austria
Michael Sheehan – Rep. of Ireland
John O’Toole – Rep. of Ireland

MASTERS OVER 50        

1 Hugh Ross – USA (pictured photo right)
2 Aivars Visockis – Latvia
3 Martin Holroyd – UK
4 Derek Jones – UK (Wales)
5 Phil Kuklinski – New Zealand
6 John Lee – UK
not placed:                                                                                                                                                           

John Gallagher – UK
David Foo – UK
Sean Monaghan – UK (Scotland)                                              
Tony Rizzo – Australia                                     
Luis Flavio Felicio – Brazil
Gordon Pasquill – UK


1 Pero Tomas – Croatia (see photo top right)
2 Aled Barry – Australia
3 Ernestas Grigaitis – Lithuania
4 John Waddle – UK
5 Adam Baines – UK
6 Rafael Picorone – Brazil 
not placed:
Obinna Mwabueze – Rep. of Ireland
Brett Lloyd – UK
Daniel Barry – UK 

1 Christian Lacoche – France
2 Simone Meattini – Italy
3 Olzirio Anibal Jr. – Brazil
4 Michael Reece – UK
5 Angelo Galati – Australia
6 Leandro Rodrigo Rebelo – Brazil 
not placed:
Uwe Hörter – Germany
James Salmond – UK (Scotland)
Fernando Luiz Sardinha – Brazil                                                                                                                

Enrico Dietze – Germany
Ricky Moore – UK
Paul Scarborough – UK
Jerry Koolhoven – Holland 

1 Shane Copley – UK (pictured bottom right)
2 Tony Mount – UK (N. Ireland)
3 Fabrice Radkowski – France
4 Samoel Oliveira Munhoz – Brazil
5 Aleksei Shaikin – Russia
6 Bruce McCall – UK 
not placed:
Lee Henderson – UK
Dominique Verney – France
Paul White – Rep. of Ireland                           
Ian Porritt – UK 


1 Miha Zupan – Slovenia
2 Dave Guest – UK
3 Justin Wessels – Australia
4 Sergei Dukhota – Ukraine
5 Edilson Oliveira – Brazil
6 Dominic Schieda – Malta
not placed:
Andy James – UK
Andrew Pinnock – UK
Gerald Lopez – France
Michael Zimmermann – Austria
David Martin – UK
Alessandro La Porta – Italy
Abraham Elzaibak – Australia
Andrew McBride – UK (N. Ireland)
Juan Jose Hidalgo – Spain
Kostiantyn Zelamskyi – Ukraine
Hermanis Plisko – Latvia 

1 Dave Titterton – UK
2 Saso Petek – Slovenia
3 Lukas Gabris – UK
4 Walter Lettner – Austria
5 Mouss El Bakkouchi – France
6 Stuart Garrington – UK 
not placed:
Evgeny Petrov – Russia
Rob Reinaldo – UK                                                                                                                                               
Felix Decker – Germany                                                                                                                               
Donny Henderson-Smith – Australia
Lee Harding – UK
Mario Hemmer – Austria 

1 Charles Mario – Brazil (pictured lower right)
2 Gary Lister – UK
3 Petr Vanis – Czech Rep.
4 Marilandio Ponchet – Brazil
5 Yuriy Kovalov – Ukraine
6 Joao Bispo De Andrade – Brazil 
not placed:
Mike O’Hanlon – UK (Scotland)
Charlie Abboh – Norway


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