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1985 IFBB Mr. Universe - Sweden

1985 IFBB World Amateur Championships – IFBB Mr. Universe (Download)

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The amateur bodybuilding scene of the mid-80’s was the starting point for many superstars of the sport, including Lee Labrada, Peter Hensel and Ron Love



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1985 IFBB World Amateur Championships (IFBB Mr. Universe) Sweden

1   Peter Hensel
2   Ulf Larsson   (Sweden)
3   Ron Love
4   Olev Annus
5   Ralf Moeller   (West Germany)
6   Alois Pek
–   Koos Hemminga

1   Josef Grolmus
2   Phil Williams
3   Libor Minarik
4   Arnold Buurman
5   Patrick Nicholls
6   Ahmet Enünlü   (Turkey)

1   Lee Labrada
2   El Shahat Mabrouk   (Egypt)
3   Miroslav Jastrebski
4   Prem Chand Degra
5   Francis Benfatto
6   Winston Green
14   Edward Boef

1   Herman Hoffend
2   Joseph Dawson
3   Esmat Sadek
4   Katsumi Ishimura    石村勝巳   (Japan)
5   Jean LeBlanc
6   Vicente Segovia
15   Jan Van Kollenburg