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1991 NABBA Mr & Ms. Britain Part 2 download

1991 NABBA Mr. & Miss Britain # 2 (Download)

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A-0676B  Digital Download  Duration:  92 mins  Sample Clip

In this part 2 of the SHOW video, our cameraman has captured Medium Men, Women’s Physique, Medium tall men, Tall men, Figure Overall, Men Overall – this is a classic British Championships from the early 90s.

Product Description

1991 NABBA Mr. & Miss Britain: The Show – Part 2

Men & Women

Part 1 of the  EVENING SHOW DVD, covers:

Medium Men
Women’s Physique
Medium tall men
Tall men
Figure Overall
Men Overall

This is a classic British Championships from the early 90s.

You will see all of the posing routines, class awards and overall Posedowns. The major winners were:
Overall Mr. Britain:  Francis Rainford
Masters Winner: John Citrone (pictured front cover)
Overall Figure Winner:  Louis Jane Johns
Women’s Physique Winner:  Lynda Mason

Enjoy a massive 92 exciting minutes showing you what actually takes place at a major British Championships in the early 90s. Classic British Bodybuilding at its best!!

1991 NABBA Mr. & Miss Britain – Results


Overall Mr. Britain:  Francis Rainford

Tall Class

1   Francis Rainford
2   Andrew Webb
3   Michael Ahearne
4   Wayne Severn
5   Robert McBride
6   Samson Cohen
7   Eric Hartley
8   Phil Peters

Medium-Tall Class

1   Dennis Francis
2   Michael Sadler
3   Steven Wiggins
4   Michael Johnson
5   Ian Coates
6   Barrie Vormawah
7   Vincent Wedderburn
8   Paul Massey

Medium Class

1   Billy Jones
2   Nicky Cheung
3   Michele Caira
4   Lloyd Samuels
5   Stephen Lloyd
6   Justin Trollope
7   Errol Kelly
8   Peter Cooper

Short Class

1   John McCall
2   Roy Navarro
3   Francesco Palmieri
4   Jason Corrick

Junior Class

1   Adrian Chapman
2   Gary Watkinson
3   Michael O’Hanlon
4   Jarret Palmer
5   Steve Wright
6   Steven McGrain
7   Michael Kelly
8   Paul Patterson


1   John Citrone
2   Bernard Bryan
3   John Madderson
4   Bob Hills
5   Nicholas Sinclair
6   Thomas Dunn
7   Tony Sullivan
8   Chris Deakin


Physique Class.

1   Lynda Mason
2   Joan Nicholson
3   Loraine Farraday
4   Jane Corbett
5   Julia Ashail
6   Sarah Hackney
7   Helen Tarr
8   Deborah Bonsall

Overall Figure Class Winner:  Louis Jane Johns

Figure Tall

1   Helen Madderson
2   Evelyn Lees
3   Anna Lovelock
4   Sandy Young
5   Kathleen Reah
6   Pauline Oliver
7   Andra Day
8   Karen Jackson
NP   Mary Scott (had been 4th)

Figure Short

1   Louis Jane Johns
2   Janette Halstead
3   Pamela Barnett
4   Alison Hain
5   Ana-Maria Burgoyne
6   Avril Vormawah
7   Cathy Valley
8   Linda Simes