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1996 NABBA Universe: Men - The Show (Digital Download)

1996 NABBA Universe: Men – The Show (Digital Download)

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The Men’s Amateur Classes were – in a word – fantastic. You’ll see for yourself, but it wouldn’t have been easy to be a judge!

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Absolutely the world’s best ‘Over 40’ physiques, this year won by Walter Engelskircher of Germany, with Jim Connor of UK 2nd and that genetic marvel John Citrone also of UK third. Walter was huge and muscular, in unbelievable and unbeatable condition.The Men’s Amateur Classes were – in a word – fantastic. You’ll see for yourself, but it wouldn’t have been easy to be a judge!Men’s Class 4 was overwhelmed by Jason Corrick of the UK, with Australia’s Quinn Lay in second.Men’s Class 3 was Bill Jones from that all-time favourite poser Ramsford Smith.Men’s Class 2 was Serge Dessel of France (who also won the 1996 NABBA Worlds), andMen’s Class 1 was a whopping battle between first, second and third. Federico Focherini from Italy eventually won the class, with Russian Sergei Ogorodnikov in second and a disappointed Dayo Audi in third. Only a point separated second and third, it was that close!!Overall Amateur Mr Universe went to Federico Focherini. He was symmetrical, huge, ripped and hard as Carrara marble – the best condition of any competitor in the Universe.The Men’s Professional Class was the biggest we have seen for some time with 12 competitors. At last ‘The Dinosaur’ – Shaun Davis’s dream came true – he won first place from Dennis James of USA, and another Yank, popular Joe De Angelis in third. Fourth went to a very unlucky Eddie Ellwood, and fifth to Terry Fisher. Dennis James went on to become a top IFBB Pro and has competed in the Mr Olympia many times.1996 NABBA UNIVERSE RESULTSTHE MENOVERALL AMATEUR MR. UNIVERSE: Federico Focherini ItalyPROFESSIONAL MR. UNIVERSE: Shaun Davis UKMASTERS1. Walter Engelskircher(Germany)2. Jim Connor (UK)3. John Citrone (UK)4. Don Mahoney (Australia)5. Uli Caspary (Germany)6. Jim Boulton (UK)7. Peter Stewart (Australia)8. Dmitri Zolin (Russia)NPFranc Fumo (Italy), James Wallace (USA), Eddie Parker (UK), Rudy D’Hooge (Belgium), Patrick Collard (UK), Anatolij Kazus (Latvia), Ray Stacey (UK), John Brooks (N.Z.), Jan Brink (Holland), Al Zabiela (UK), Willi Bendel (Germany), Stuart Sharpe (UK), Manfred Schmitz-Kania (Germany)MR. UNIVERSE CLASS 4 -SHORT1. Jason Corrick (UK)2. Quinn Lay (Australia)3. Frank Vassil (USA)4. William Howard (UK)5. Mark Turvey (UK)6. Wayne Clarey (UK)7. Marlon Mijnals (Holland)8. Peter Roche (UK)NPMichael Monis (USA), Victor Alley (South Africa), Garry Scales (UK), Perry Hakkens (Holland), Vidas Janonis (Lithuania), Michael Feuchter (Germany), Barry Lockwood (UK), Edmund Davids (South Africa)MR. UNIVERSE CLASS 3 – MEDIUM SHORT1. Billy Jones (UK)2. Ramsford Smith (UK)3. Steven Creighton (UK)4. Derrick Clarke (UK)5. Graham Black (UK)6. Brad McLennan (Australia)7. Rui Mu (Australia)8. Ken Clarke (UK)NPVytautas Kindurys (Lithuania), Derek Saunders (UK), Aivars Visockis (Latvia), Manuel Segundo Castellaro (Spain), Pierre Perrier (France), Peco Kotauski (Macedonia), Gary Stafford (UK)MR. UNIVERSE CLASS 2 – MEDIUM TALL1. Serge Dessel (France)2. Eric Tilman (Holland)3. Rob Van Der Dussen (Holland)4. Vincent Wedderburn (UK)5. Giorgio Maggai (Italy)6. Gary Bennett (South Africa)7. Heinz Dickgieber (Germany)8. Michael O’Hanlon (UK)NPKobi Dikori (Israel), Rob Colacino (USA), Wayne Hainton (South Africa), Gilbert Alaskadi (Chad), David Du Buisson (South Africa), John Verstege (Holland), Jesus Barrero (Spain), Nove Hadzistajanov (Macedonia), Dominic Schieda (Malta), Pierre Mifsud (Malta)MR. UNIVERSE CLASS 1 – TALL1. Federico Focherini (Italy)2. Sergey Ogorodnikov (Russia)3. Dayo Audi (UK)4. Kin Mitchell (Holland)5. Patrick Cuel(France)6. Eddy Abbew (UK)7. Eli Hanna (Israel)8. Lee Apperson (USA)NPIan Wilkie (UK), Eric Hartley (UK), Randy Vogelzang (Holland), Willem Moens (Holland), Juan Jose Albalat (Spain), Steve Johnson (UK), Bart van der Molen (Holland), Hannes Engelschall (Austria), Raphael Rueveni (Israel), Ronald van Kleef (Holland), Mark Windle (UK), Robert Abela (Malta)MR. UNIVERSE – PROFESSIONAL CLASS1. Shaun Davis (UK)2. Dennis James (USA)3. Joe De Angelis (USA)4. Eddy Ellwood (UK)5. Terry Fisher (UK)6. Marco Falcone (Italy)7. Linval Miller (UK)8. Christian Placide (France)NPRaffaele Brancati (Italy), Mario Navarro Vera (Spain), Reimund Toselini (Germany), Vince Brown (UK)

Featured Bodybuilders

Don Mahoney, John Citrone, Dennis James, Joe DeAngelis

Running Time

90 mins