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1996 NABBA Mr. World Grand Prix

1996 NABBA Mr. World Grand Prix (Download)

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Some well-known names from the European WFF scene (even though this is a NABBA Competition).

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1996 NABBA Mr. World Grand Prix
Kaiserslautern Germany, 1st December 1996

Mr World:  
  1. Jan Bohlken Germany
  2. Andreas Sandmaier Germany
  3. Franco Carlotto Switzerland
  4. Udo Höh Germany
  5. Sascha Reuscher Germany
  6. Mario Köger Germany
  7. Frank Schulze Germany
  8. Ralf Müller Germany
  9. Thomas Frank Germany
  10. Stefan Deininger Germany

DNP El Housine Tighoula Morocco
Ali Saglam Turkey
Volkan Tezcanli Turkey