Some bodybuilders that passed away in 2021 include two Mr Olympia Winners : Shawn Rhoden and Chris Dickerson.
Others that we lost were –

Dave Draper
George Peterson
Leon Brown
George Butler
Jimmy Caruso
Manny Torres
Seymour Koenig
Ehrling Wahlgren
Anton Holic
Russ DeLuca
John Meadows
Matt Mendenhall
Andy Haman
Phil Hernon
Billy Smith
Jenny Lynn
Laura Bass
Melissa Coates
Jennifer Hernandez
Megan Elizabeth
Karen Pang
Sofia Graham
Odalis Santos Mena
Alena Hatvani Kosinova
Rhonda Lee Quaresma

Also passed this year were 2 of my long-time bodybuilding friends.
They were photographer and historian JOHN CORLETT from CA, and my South Aussie friend YURIS STERNS. Yuris was a power lifter, coach and promoter of power lifting and an excellent photographer. His death was on September 27th. They will all be greatly missed. RIP.