About Us

A Personal Message from the CEO of GMV Productions.

Hello bodybuilding fans,

If you’re looking for exciting posing routines, workouts and dramatic muscle action on DVD – male and female – go no further. GMV offers you the variety, quality and visual stimulation you demand! Whether it’s bodybuilding in all of the different classes, strongman events, power lifting or fitness – tell us what you prefer and we’ll send you more information.

Virtually all of our earlier releases are now on DVD – both contests and features. We started our shooting on film back in 1966.  Now I shoot on HDV or DVCAM, which means vastly improved technical quality. It’s on such high quality formats I have shot the stars, such as Ronnie Coleman, Ronny Rockel, Hide Yamagishi, Eduardo Correa, Günter Schlierkamp as well as the Olympia, the great NABBA Universe contest for over 40 years, NABBA World contests, IFBB Grand Prix and many more too numerous to mention. Improved production and DVD duplicating techniques further enhance our already high standards to now include Blu-Ray releases in HD.

We also have a weekly email newsletter plus our own TV Channel on YouTube, http://www.youtube.com/gmvbodybuilding

From 1970, as a pioneer in muscle movie making, right up to recent times, I have aimed at perfection in all of our productions. The list of physique stars that I have worked with is as spectacular as the growth of our great sport over the last decade. GMV brings you an exciting mixture of present day champs and past legends. Our older DVDs of the sport, mostly originally shot on Super 8, contain such gems as some of the earliest surviving footage of the great Arnold, Sergio, Mentzer, Pearl, Zane, Steve Reeves, Reg Park, John Grimek, Cory Everson, Kay Baxter, Rachel McLish etc. These classics can now be enjoyed at home on DVD.

You will get great service with all orders filled within 24 hours, keen prices, outstanding quality and a huge selection of top physique presentations from GMV Productions. I want you to know that I care about my customers, because in today’s computerised world a one-to-one relationship is a very refreshing change of pace. Please feel free to drop me an email at wayne@gmv.com.au with any questions you may have, at any time. You can be confident that you’ll get a prompt response.

We have 2 websites – our present site, gmv.com.au offering over 1100 DVDs, and our new site, gmvbodybuilding.com which is optimised for iPads, iPhones and other portable devices, complete with GMV DVD downloads store.

Kind regards,