Anibal Lopez & Salvador Ruiz Photo Gallery

A look back in time to the 1978 NABBA Universe.
It was in September 1978, on the Sunday in Russell Square, London – the day after the NABBA Universe. Here is one of the shots from my film and photo shoot with these 2 Spanish speaking guys, Salvador Ruiz of Spain and Anibal Lopez (left) from USA.
They competed in the NABBA Amateur Universe with these results:
Short Class 3
1. Salvador Ruiz (Spain)
2. Wesley Immundi (UK)
3. Anibal Lopez (USA)
Serge Nubret also took part in my shoot that day, but he arrived just after these 2 guys had left. What a unique set of photos it might have been with Serge standing in the centre with these 2 champions!

Anibal Lopez Gallery

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