1983 EFBB British Championships: Finals (Download)

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Guest Poser – Tom Platz, plus some very famous names from British bodybuilding in the early 80’s.  Roy Chavez, Ian Dowe, Linkie Wilson, Angelito Lesta and many more.  Men & Women.


1983 EFBB British Championships: Finals – Men & Women

Guest Poser: charismatic Tom Platz

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Roy Chavez 
Tom Platz

This list of competitors and results is not complete – we had to physically log the footage, and there was limited information on the tape.  However, there are some household names of British bodybuilding in the line-up.  Men’s Lightweight winner Mike Piliotis, Light Heavyweight winner Angelito Lesta and Heavyweight winner Roy Chavez are just a few amongst the men.

Men’s Results

1.  Mike Piliotis
2.  Kevin Pole
3.  Peter Peck
Tony Henderson
Chris Hayler
Moru Sardu
Oscar Columbo
Steve Wright
Dave Sudlow
Eric Wiltshire
Steve Dinsdale and more

1.  Martin Allamango
Runners up:  Terry Fisher and Mark Tullet
Terry Ellis
Bill Bergers
Maurice McLeod
Brian House

Light Heavyweight
1.  Angelito Lesta
2.  Ian Dowe
3.  Gary Kendall
Chris Roberts
Gordon Pascal
Dave ??

1.  Roy Chavez
2.  Linkie Wilson
3.  Mike Williams
4.  Andrew Nichols

Women’s Results

Women’s Lightweight

1.  Della Harvey
2.  Carol White
3.  Pip Gasson
Shelley Duhamel
Carol Bennett
Jane White
Carol Fox
Linda Spear
Bridget Svage
Susan Brown
Sue Bradwell

Women’s Middleweight
1.  Anita Pinnock
2.  Angela Graham
3.  Brenda Eppey
Sandra Jones
Pat Rimmer
Kim McDonald
Carolyn Salven
Denise Wilkinson