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1985 NABBA Miss Britain Download

1985 NABBA Miss Britain (Download)

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A-0261  Digital Download  Duration: 77 mins  Sample Clip

Two classes – Miss Figure and Miss Physique.  Features Carole Bennett and Robina Harvey in Physique and Mary Scott and Heidi Thomas in Figure.


Product Description

1985 Miss Britain – Prejudging & Show

Mary Scott & Heidi Thomas – two of the best figure competitors to ever come out of the UK.  A top class line-up in physique.

Miss Britain – Figure

1  Mary Scott
2  Heidi Thomas
3  Karen Green
4  Leslie Whitehouse
5  Nina Couch
6  Sharon Walton
7  Thelma Jamieson
8 Pepi Adair
9 Carol Morgan
10 J. Parsons
11 Susan Walker
12 Christine Pollard
13 Jackie Foster
13 Allison Orders

Miss Britain Physique
1  Carole Bennett
2  Christine Magill
3  Robina Harvey
4  Margaret Porter
5  Denise Waddington
6  Sue Groundwell
7 Stephanie Tyrrel
8 Wendy Page