1985 NABBA Universe: Women (Download)

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The Women’s Show was packed with drama and surprises with JOCELYNE PIGEONNEAU of France proving to be too ‘symmetrical and muscular’ for MARY SCOTT of Scotland


1985 NABBA Universe: Women – Prejudging and Show

Held September 21st at Wembley, the 1985 NABBA Universe Women’s Bikini Class was absolutely packed with outstanding female figure and physique athletes. This was the last year in which they competed in one class before being split into separate FIGURE  and PHYSIQUE classes from 1986 onward.

The Women’s Show was also packed with drama and surprises with JOCELYNE PIGEONNEAU of France proving to be too “symmetrical and muscular” for MARY SCOTT of Scotland (UK) and surprise package PETRA BANNANBERG from the Canary Islands amazing many other champions by taking 3rd. UK’s CAROLE BENNETT looked outstanding in 4th place

In this 90 minute videoyou will see the posing routines of all women at the PREJUDGING.  The video also includes the comparisons, and the posing of the top 6 women at the SHOW, as well as the awards to the top 6.


Women’s Bikini Class
1.  Jocelyne Pigeonneau – France
2.  Mary Scott – UK
3.  Petra Bannanberg – Canary Islands
4.  Carole Bennett – UK
5.  Eleanore Urbanski – W. Germany
6.  Marie-Laure Mahabir – Guadeloupe
7.  Michelle Buckingham – Australia
8.  Heidi Thomas – UK
Leslie Whitehouse – UK
Gabrielle Klug – Austria
Rozy Mazzoli – Italy
Robina Harvey – UK
Leisa Campbell – Australia
Patricia Hallighan – Eire
Denise Waddington – UK
Diana Sasio – USA
Aggie van Vegeberg – Holland
Helma Gohr – W. Germany
Lily Caridi – Australia
Linda Cypreun – Guadeloupe
Elizabeth Adamec – Austria
Karen Green – UK

The DVD also introduces future champions in Marie-Laure Mahabir, Leisa Campbell and Eleanore Urbanski.