1987 Lamps Capital City UK – Women & Couples (Download)

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A-0400B  Digital Download  Duration:  48 mins  Sample Clip

An early British Classic contest from 1987 – Women & Couples. Amazingly good quality, considering the age.  Includes Andra Day – a future NABBA Ms. Universe competitor.


1987 Lamps Miss Capital City UK

Hornsey Town Hall, July  25th 1987

An early British Classic contest from 1987 – Women & Couples.  Good quality, considering the age.


Andra Day
Sheila Haworth
Angela Hirst
Mandy Hunt
Karen Markland
Deborah Reid
Lorraine Wood


Anna Bent
Precilla Choi
Julie Dunn
Denise Henley
Dawn Heudenbourck
Beverley Hook
Donna Hulse
Susan Medder
Denise Morri
Deborah Ringshall
Wendy Wheeler
Sandra Wray


Maria Dias & Michael Ralph
Sheila Dawson & Dukes Adoki
Wendy Wheeler & Derek Lyons
Dawn Heudebourck & Richie Superville