1989 NABBA World Championships: Show (Download)

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GARY LEWER was the deserving and emotional winner of the Overall Mr World title. You will also see the Women’s finals at the SHOW including their exciting posedowns and awards.


1989 NABBA World Championships: Show – Men and Women

80 of the World’s top physiques from U.K., Germany, Italy, Spain, U.S.A. Australia and other European countries gathered to do battle in the scenic and steamy seaside town of Alicante, Spain – on the famous Costa Blanca.

See photo gallery links alongside the competitor’s names (not necessarily from this contest)

The event was also taped by us for Spanish television and we enjoyed fantastic lighting – the best we have ever experiences at a contest.  The extreme summer temperature of 100 degrees F plus, and the hot lights produced buckets of sweat from competitors as they battled it out through 12 hours of judging and show.

At the Show we used a second camera team to compliment our close-up camera which concentrated on  extreme close-ups throughout the prejudging and the show.  In the prejudging tapes you will see the individual posing routines of all 50 men and all 30 women, plus the round 3 comparisons.

The Men

The Junior Class presented a superb line-up of young physiques – the champions of the future.  A titanic battle took place between Australians MICHAEL MELKSHAM (recent Junior Mr. Universe) PETER WALL, and blond English star CLINT DYE, with Wall emerging as the Junior World Champion.

In the Men’s Over 40’s, former English physique star and model, JOHN WOOD, was a surprise entrant and placed second to Germany’s brutal man-mountain, HERBERT LANG.

The Open Short predictably went to ROBERT WALL (U.K.) who was unbeatable during the whole season.  Men’s Open Medium was won by CASEY KUCHARYK (U.S.A.) narrowly edging out PETER REIS (U.K.).  The Open Tall was won by massively muscular and shredded GARY LEWER of Australia, from the beautifully symmetrical Italian FAUSTO ASCANI.

Gary was hungry for another win – and went on to battle it out for Overall Mr. World crown.  When the smoke had cleared and all the guns had been fired, GARY LEWER was the deserving and emotional winner of the Overall Mr World title.  What a triumph for Gary!  Watch for his extended victory posing for the photographers. This was the biggest win of his whole career.

The Women

There were even more upsets in the Women’s Figure (Tall) class, when the muscular, shapely figure of BEATE PLANK,(Austria) won out against the graceful curves of TRACEY CITRONE (U.K.), once again overturning the decision of a different set of judges just two weeks earlier at the NABBA Universe contest.
In the Women’s Figure (Short) Class, MURIEL SEVIGNON of France gave ‘her all’ to the judges to win her class, but even she could not conquer the might of Austria’s Figure Queen BEATE PLANK, who won the overall pose-down.

Women’s Physique (Short) class exhibited sensational hard core feminine muscle – the best in the World, including future Olympia contenders RAFFAELA BRUCK, and TANIA PANZA of Italy, IRENE NICKOLE of Australia, and Miss Physique Universe TATJANA  SCHOLL of Germany.  Tatjana, massive and ripped, and much too good for the others, was a convincing winner.

Women’s Physique (Tall) class was another eye-opener with a major battle between the German SABINE WICK and Australia’s LEISA CAMPBELL.  Leisa met her match in the over all pose-down and went down to the Short Class Champion, the great German star TATJANA SCHOLL.   Note: There are no strict restrictions on poses or posing costumes in NABBA and some of the European women had the crowd gasping.

In this video see the complete Men’s contest, posedowns and awards at the evening SHOW. You will also see the Women’s Contest at the evening SHOW including their exciting posedowns and awards.

1989 NABBA World Championships Results



1. Herbert Lang – Germany
2. John Wood – UK
3. Don Mahoney – Australia  (Photo Gallery)
4. Doug Powell – Australia
5. Bernard Bryan – UK
6. Cassi May Rene – Belgium
7. Vincenzo Borelli – Italy
8. Libero Campi – Italy
9. Simon Rakitovan – Austria
NP:  Luis F. Toribo – Spain;  Willie van der Merine – South Africa


1. Peter Wall – Australia  (Photo Gallery)
2. Clint Dye – UK
3. Michael Melksham – Australia  (Photo Gallery)
4. Wayne Tancock – UK
5. Franz Klingenschmed – Austria
6. Angel Depablo – Spain
7. Harry Nemi – Sweden
8. Curtis Howells – South Africa


1. Robert Wall – UK
2. Marcello Petocchi – Italy
3. Bruce Leong – Australia
4. Renato Somenzi – Sweden
5. Nick Naylor – UK
6. Diego Martinez – Italy
7. Mike Adama – South Africa
8. Jose Vergara Toro – Spain


1. Casey Kucharyk – USA  (Photo Gallery)
2. Peter Reid – UK
3. Werner Schneider – Germany
4. Gunter Osweiler – Germany
5. Roger Bartley – UK
6. Eduardo de la Asuncion – Spain
7. Franco Gran Ditizio – Italy
8. Gennaro Ferra – Australia  (Photo Gallery)
9. Romed Kleissi – Austria
10. Heinz Schneider – Austria
11. Paul Taylor – South Africa
12. John Els – South Africa


1. Gary Lewer – Australia  (Photo Gallery)
2. Fausto Ascani – Italy
3. Rocky Foster – UK
4. Shaun Davis – UK  (Photo Gallery)
5. Manfred Salchner – Austria
6. Tiekie Joubert – South Africa
7. Federico Focherini – Italy
8. Les Rudolf – Australia
9. Jan van Roy – Belgium
10. Jose Ferrer – Spain

OVERALL NABBA MR WORLD: Gary Lewer – Australia


1. Beate Plank – Austria
2. Tracey Citrone – UK
3. Stephanie Wehr – Germany
4. Mary Scott – UK  (Photo Gallery)
5. Claudia Klein – Austria
6. Alison Eyre – Australia


1. Muriel Sevignon – France
2. Marion Klappert – Germany
3. Jackie McKnight – Australia
4. Elizabeth Resch – Austria
5. Cathy Simian – France
6. Jeanette Harper – Australia
7. Murella Cotella – Italy
8. Ana Anon – Spain
9. Anparo Ramos Berruefo – Spain



1. Leisa Campbell – Australia  (Photo Gallery)
2. Sabine Wick – Germany  (Photo Gallery)
3. Ella Hank – Germany
4. Jackie Cook – Australia
5. Rina Howard – South Africa
6. Florence Chantereau – France


1. Tatjana Scholl – Germany  (Photo Gallery)
2. Rafaella Bruck – Italy
3. Tania Panza – Italy
4. Irene Nickole – Australia  (Photo Gallery)
5. Maria Edite – Spain
6. Giovanna Ustolim – Italy
7. Michel Mollard – France
8. Kathy Wilson – Australia
9. Petra Thysee – South Africa