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1990 EFBB British Championships – Women (Download)

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A-0633A  Digital Download  Duration:  62 mins  Sample Clip

Great quality both in camera work (2 cameras) and especially the quality of the physiques.  Comparisons, routines, top 6 posedowns and awards.


1990 EFBB British Championships – Women

3 Classes – Under 52 Kg, Under 57 Kg and Over 57 Kg.  Excellent quality 2-camera shoot; excellent physiques.  Hard pressed to pick the differences between the top three placings.


Under 57Kg

1  Gitte Johansen
2  Sonia Newsam
3  Tina Parker
4  Gillian Plant
5  Lorna Thompson
6  Anita Beam
DNP:  Leslie Everett
Karen White

Under 57 Kg

1   Tres Lambert
2  Gill Monro
3  Linda Middleton
4  Patricia Amoss
5  Sarah Baker
6  Glynis Ferniston
7  Caroline Turner

Over 57 Kg

1  Loretta Lomax – Overall winner
2  Colleen Yates
3  Joanne Lee
4  Kathy Knopp
5  Joan Nicholson
6  Dianne Royal
DNP:  Anna Camp
Joyce Frame
Kathy Hornsby
Kathy Tessaman