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1991 NABBA Australia - The Women (DVD)

1991 NABBA Australia – Women (Download)

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GMV-143   Digital Download  Duration: 90 mins  Sample Clip

The beautiful Tania Mittoni ushered in a new look for Australian physique women – symmetrical, muscular, but above all, feminine and graceful.

Product Description


The 1991 NABBA Australian National Bodybuilding Championships was an incredible event with a large field of high standard female competitors.

Staged at the huge Burswood Convention Centre on September 22nd, it was the first time the nationals had been held in Perth, Western Australia.

1990 Figure Champion Jackie McKnight turned physique competitor, and fought it out against Debbie Pickford, Deborah Compton and the eventual winner, TANIA MITTONI. The beautiful Tania ushered in a new look for Australian physique women – symmetrical, muscular, but above all, feminine and graceful.

JACKI GRIEGER was a clear winner in the Figure Class from Jeanette Harper, a regular Universe competitor for Australia.

A sexy couples display routine by VAUGHAN DAY and KERRY GILLIGAN had the crowd roaring for more. The stunning stage setting for the introduction of the Figure Class competitors at the evening show was worthy of a Las Vegas stage.

Women’s Results

1. Jacki Grieger
2. Jeanette Harper
3. Denise Kelly
4. Meredith Wilkie
5. Susan Abelha
6. Michelle Brown
NP:  Leanne Birkett
Suzanne Duzenman
Janelle McLean
Jayne Hassle
Lynda Galloway
Astrid Kernen
Kara Munro

1. Tania Mittoni
2. Deborah Compton
3. Debbie Pickford
4. Jackie McKnight
5. Sue Rodger Withers
6. Deborah Preece
NP: Carin Farlow
Annie Andrews
Justine Rogers
Charmaine King

1. Fran Pollock
2. Kerry Gilligan
3. Marija May-Wilkie
4. Pam Reid
5. Ann Dowey
6. Cathi May
NP:  Helen Papas, Cecilia Adams