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1993 NABBA Ms. Britain - Download

1993 NABBA Ms. Britain (Download)

AUD $7.50

A-0769  Digital Download  Duration:  128 mins  Sample Clip

A classic Ms. Britain contest from the early 90’s which saw the start of a wonderful career for Pauline Oliver.

Product Description

1993 NABBA Ms. Britain – Prejudging & Show

A great show from the early 90’s, which saw the continuation of a wonderful career for Pauline Oliver.  The video includes Figure and Bodybuilding classes.


1 Jane Ann Arthur
2 Lynne McBride
3 Melanie Richmond
4 Trez Lambert
5 Elaine Heys
6 Patricia Ireland
7 Nicci Smith

Figure Overall Winner Pauline Oliver

Figure Tall
1 Pauline Oliver
2 Sarah Stone
3 Christine Punshon
4 Brenda Bond
5 Angelica Blake
6 Linda Rust
7 Danielle Nicholls
8 Melanie Graham

Figure Short
1 Cathy Valley
2 Fiona Weir
3 Gail Cowell
4 Nicola Wilson
5 Ana-Maria Burgoyne
6 Joyce Richards