1993 SABBA Adelaide Physique Classic – Prejudging (Download)

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All the prejudging – comparisons, symmetry rounds and routines.


1993 SABBA Adelaide Physique Classic: Prejudging

Men & Women

Held at the glamorous Norwood Town Hall on the 22nd of May, the line up was stunning as South Australia’s best physiques took to the stage for the Mr. & Ms. Adelaide Physique Classic titles, and to vie for the chance to represent the State at the Australian championships the following week.  Two of the country’s best physiques fought it out in the Men’s Open in the Overall Posedown, with the ever popular master poser MARK TREWARTHA just taking the Overall title from a ripped MIKE BUDER!

A future Mr. Australia emerged in the shape of new Junior star SHANE BOWDEN, and the Figure Class was taken out by FAE GARLAND with GMV’s own shapely JANELLE McLEAN in 2nd place. 

There was some controversy over the Figure results comparing the Master Judging sheets with other criteria that was available. This suggested that Janelle was the winner, and not Fae Garland. In fact 6 months later the decision was reversed after a mistake was found in the judging sheets, and Janelle was given the trophy and the championship.

Kickboxing champ, KIM PARFILO won by a mile in the Men’s Teenage!  KAREN HARDWICK amazed the cheering crowd with her fantastic routine and took out the WOMEN’S OVER 35, while a shredded PAM REID was victorious in the Women’s Physique.

The prejudging includes all routines, symmetry rounds and comparisons.

1993 SABBA Adelaide Physique Classic Results

Norwood Town Hall   22nd May
Overall Men’s Winner: Mark Trewartha

1. Kym Parfilo
2. Jason Regter
3. Mike Lohmann
4. Boota Singh
5. Lee Wedd

1. Shane Bowden
2. Paolo Gasparini
3. Kym Johncock
4. David Osborne
5. Wayne Taylor
6. Nic Harding
7. Tony Severino
8. Wayne Chaffey


Medium Class
1. Mike Buder

Tall Class
1. Mark Trewartha
2. Andrew Sekay

1. Pam Reid
2. Karen Brooksby
3. Sue Hayles
4. Josie Meliga
5. Sam Harding
6. Maree Flux
7. Shannon Stephens

1. Fae Garland
2. Janelle McLean
3. Jan Gow

1. Karin Hardwick
2. Katti Nou-Linde