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1994 WPF Universe Physique Championships – Prejudging #2 (Download)

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A-0820B  Digital Download  Duration:  81 mins    Sample Clip

Prejudging Part 2 includes Heavyweight Ms. Universe and Light Heavyweight Mr. Universe. Comparisons, symmetry and posing routines.


1994 WPF Mr. & Ms. Universe Physique Championships – Prejudging # 2

Held in Dusseldorf, Germany, this event attracted a large number of competitors.

Part 2 of the Prejudging features all the comparisons, lineups and posing routines of the following classes:

Heavyweight Ms. Universe
Light Heavyweight Mr. Universe

Complete Results

1994 WPF Universe: Dusseldorf Germany

Junior Mr. Universe
1 Mark Bowring England
2 Grant Herwill South Africa
3 James Edwards South Africa
4 Lee Powell Wales
5 Pierre Bouvry France
6 Mark Schneider South Africa

Mr. Universe Over 40s
1 Tony Lamouche France
2 Louis Havenga South Africa
3 Joseph Daulcle France
4 John Howland Wales
5 Dieter Mueller Germany
6 Barry Potgieter South Africa
7 Nick Sinclair England
8 Robert Brinole USA

Miss Universe Figure – Fitness
1 Lynn Perrott England
2 Janine Payne England
3 Lee Harris Wales
4 Elaine Haughy England
5 Gianmari Solomita Italy
6 Kerstin Mielke Germany
7 Charlene Buys South Africa
8 Sybile Lang Germany

Mr & Ms Universe – Pairs
1 Joseph and Lucette Daulcle
2 Steve Bossuiper & Kim Morgan
3 Louis Maillo and Rita Felsmueller Germany
4 Michael Sullivan and Elaine Haughy

Ms Universe – Middleweight
1 Nola Cowan South Africa
2 Iris Stasch Germany
3 Lucette Daulcle France
4 Diane Lawson USA

Miss Universe Light Heavyweight
1 Mari Saunders South Africa
2 Pat Ferrier Wales
3 Betsy Briggs USA
4 Christine Schmitz Germany

Miss Universe Heavy Weight
1 Joelle Frette France
2 Rita Felsmuller Germany
3 Mary Pulito South Africa
4 Andrejase Nolic Slovenia
5 Kim Morgan South Africa

Mr. Universe Heavyweight
1 Christian Carmenius France
2 Paul Daniels USA
3 Dirk Braun Germany
4 Patrick Klasa France
5 Phil Davies Wales
6 Joseph Daulcle France
7 Stuart Cosgrove England
8 Dave Williams England
9 Fabrice Hachet France
10 Degan Madazrovic Slovenia
11 Pasquale Caiazzo Italy
12 Steve Bossinger South Africa
13 Charles Smith South Africa
14 Grant Herwill South Africa
15 Johnny Pieters South Africa

Mr. Universe Super Heavyweight
1 Patrice Lion France
2 Michael Tigges Germany
3 Massio Castagna Italy
4 Eric Hartley England
5 Leo Caminotto Italy
6 Duska Madzarovic Slovenia
7 Peter Weller Germany
8 Giuseppe Lombado Italy
9 Michael Fondcaro Germany
10 Barry Potgieter South Africa

Mr. Universe Middleweight
1 Amilcar Pinho France
2 Giovanni Ferrandino Italy
3 Vincenzo Iorio Italy
4 Peter Roche Wales
5 Yamel Xeie France
6 Montgomery Zwane South Africa
7 Mark Grier England
8 Ernie le Roux South Africa
9 George Gibson USA
10 Dries Swart South Africa
11 Pat Dye South Africa

Mr. Universe Light Heavyweight
1 Pierre Briva France
2 Tony Lamouche France
3 Philippe Petri France
4 Peter Sell Germany
5 Rossano Marchello Italy
6 Thomas Michalowski Germany
7 Brad McLennan Australia
8 Greg Links South Africa
9 Marco Rossi South Africa
10 Louis Maillo Germany
11 Santo Rizzotti Germany
12 Lourens Rautenbach South Africa
13 Edwin Smal South Africa
14 Mike Morgan Wales
15 Mike Sullivan England
16 Garry Peck England