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1995 IFBB German Championships – Women (Download)

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A-1532 Digital Download Duration: 97 mins Sample Clip
Great pumproom footage and the complete women’s finals from this mid-’90’s German championships. Guest poser Susanna Kieserling.


1995 IFBB German Championships – Women

Opening titles with brief crowd and pump room footage
Teams introduced on stage in tracksuits
Women’s Bodybuilding 1
Women’s Bodybuilding 2
Women’s Bodybuilding 3
Women Overall
Guest poser – Susanna Kieserling


Overall Winner: Sabine Bracht

1 Sabine Bracht
2 Liana Schuber
3 Katharina Gercke
4 Marion Warnick
5 Sonja Julich

1 Carmen Jooss
2 Ulrike Klewe-Bohle
3 Manuela Schwarz
4 Karin Groger
5 Claudia Dupach

1 Marlene Reitsam
2 Susi Bauer
3 Tanja Braun
4 Martina Flick
5 Birgit Wiechmann