1995 NABBA Australasia – Prejudging (Download)

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42 of Australia's best bodybuilders battled it out in the annual muscle fest to see who was worthy of the titles Mr. & Ms. Australasia for 1995.


1995 NABBA Australasian Bodybuilding Championships: Prejudging

Melbourne, 24th September, 1995.

This DVD brings you all of the action from the Prejudging of the 1995 NABBA Australasian Bodybuilding Championships for Men and Women. It was a big contest with lots of action!  42 of Australia’s best bodybuilders battled it out in the annual muscle fest to see who was worthy of the titles Mr. & Ms. Australasia for 1995.  This premier event was a qualifier for the NABBA Universe in England, and the team selected was the best ever!

Featuring all of the posing routines and all of the key comparisons from the Prejudging.

Western Australia had a very strong contingent of competitors and dominated the show. With wins in three classes and a hat trick in the Women’s Figure Class, the best certainly does come from the West!  South Australia and New South Wales also took home some major titles.

In our second DVD from the evening Show, WA’s Grant Clemesha emerged as Mr. Australasia.  Those who were sent by NABBA to the Universe were Grant Clemesha, Shane Stratton, Colin Murphie, Heather Adams, Tania Mittoni and Doug Powell. Shane Stratton is pictured front cover above and Shane also won his class at the 1995 NABBA Universe.
Grant Clemesha then went on and won his Universe class and the Overall Amateur Mr. Universe title. He has been the only Australian to ever win the Overall Amateur Mr. Universe crown. This means that Grant can lay claim to being Australia’s greatest ever amateur bodybuilding champion. Grant later turned professional and you can see him in the 1998 IRON MAN PRO INVITATIONAL.

See 102 minutes of some of Australia’s All Time Best Bodybuilders in this Prejudging DVD.

1995 NABBA Australasian Bodybuilding Championships Results.

1. Rene Van Kan (VIC)

1. Todd Sparks (NSW)
2. Scott Jamieson (SA)

Men’s Novice
1 Anderson Moore (WA)
2 Charlie Egan (SA)
3 Nelson Riquelme (VIC)
4 Perry Stewart (VIC)

Women’s Over 35 Figure
1. Carol Christie (NT)
2. Denise Pope (VIC)

Men’s Masters
1. Doug Powell (NSW)
2. Godwin Abdilla (NSW)

Women’s Physique
1. Heather Adams (SA)

Women’s Figure
1. Tania Mittoni (WA)
2. Diane Jardim (WA)
3. Denise Kelly (WA)
4. Terri Roberts (SA)
5. Selina Jardine (NSW)
6. Anna Hatzivasilou (VIC)
7. Liz Parker (VIC)
8. Luisa Rinaldi (VIC)

Men’s Class 4
1. Colin Murphie (NSW)
2. Stuart Lawther (WA)
3. Mark Peck (NT)
4. Larry Leach (NSW)

Men’s Class 3
1. Shane Stratton (NSW)
2. Bill Bryson (SA)
3. Don Mu (NT)
4. Matt McLean (VIC)
5. Gary Vandenberg (SA)
6. Robert Walker (TAS)
7. Greg Bessant (NSW)
8. Tony Rizzo (VIC)
9. Con Ikonomopoulos (VIC)

Men’s Class 2
1. Jason Freemantle (SA)
2. Steve Bennett (VIC)
3. Sean Kelly (VIC)
4. Dean Crawley (NSW)

Men’s Class 1
1 Grant Clemesha (WA)
2 John Quinlivin (WA)
3 Mark Trewartha (SA)
4 Ray Padovan (NT)
5 Chris Hosking (NT)
6 George Avramis (NSW)