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1998 NABBA Ms. Britain Prejudging Download

1998 NABBA Ms. Britain – Prejudging (Download)

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A-0967A  Digital Download  Duration:  84 mins  Sample Clip

A classic NABBA British Championships from the late ’90’s.  Lynn Perrott was overall Ms. Britain, and Joey Bull won the Miss Fitness class.

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1998 NABBA Ms. Britain – Prejudging


MISS BRITAIN CLASS 2 (Under 1.63m   5ft 4ins)

1  Sheilagh Ingham N.W
2  Angie Barnes Midlands
3  Yvonne  Kelly   Scotland
4 Deborah McCall North
5 Dawn Azor  North
6 Sue White  West
7 Dorothy MacHardy  Scotland
8 Debbie  Moor  West
9 Joanne Egan  North
10 Amanda  Palen  S.E
11 Gina  Ford  West
12 Kirsten Moore  Scotland
13 Penny  Flynn S.E
14 Deborah Bonsall  Wales

MISS BRITAIN CLASS 1 (Over 1.63m   5ft 4in)

1  Lynn Perrott  West      OVERALL MISS BRITAIN
2  Tracey  Abbott  N.E
3  Eileen Todd  Scotland
4  Emma Jones  Midlands
5  Tammy Marie Baker   South
6  Paula Reynolds   N.E
7  Loraine  Joseph   S.E
8  Amanda  Kay   N.E
9  Julie  Burgess  North
10  Elaine  Williams   S.E
11  Lindsey  O’Connor  North


1  Joey  Bull         Midlands
2  Jane Minns  N.E
3  Sarah Found  N.E
4  Ruth Cook  Midlands
5  Julia Colbourn   S.E
6  Nicole Pitcher  S.E
7  Joanne Egan  North
8  Natalie Mitchamson
9  Heather Cowley