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1999 Finnish Pro Fitness Classic (Download)

AUD $10.00

A-0975  Digital Download Duration:  90 mins  Sample Clip

This video presents the complete finals for these 2 events, and includes the lineups, ¼ turns and callout comparisons. Plus all of the wonderful routines.



This DVD presents the complete finals for these 2 events.  The lineups, ¼ turns and call-out comparison are included, as well as all of the wonderful routines.  Aino-Maija Kare won the Kike Elomaa Fitness Classic, and Mary Yockey won the Fitness Pro class from a very strong field.

This is a Henry Aflecht Video Production in association with KP Fitness Productions., and is released under license by GMV Productions.

1999 Kike Elomaa Fitness Classic Results:

  1. Aino-Maija Kare
  2. Kirsi-Marja Erden
  3. Mari Myötyri
  4. Niina Aaltonen
  5. Johanna Reijonen
  6. Riita Berglund
  7. Helena Andreo
  8. Saija Ohmero
  9. Pirjo-Liisa Kuuppelomäki
  10. Karita Pihala

1999 Finnish Pro Fitness Classic Results:

  1. Mary Yockey – USA
  2. Lena Johannesen – Norway
  3. Timea Majorova – Slovakia
  4. Stacy Simmons – USA
  5. Maiken Emborg – Denmark
  6. Alexandra Beres – Hungary
  7. Marjo Krishi – Finland
  8. Claire Hillman – England
  9. Theresa Hessler – USA
  10. Tarja Heikkilä – Finland
  11. Jutta Valtonen – Finland

Photos by Wayne Gallasch