2001 WFF Universe: Women # 2: Fitness, Performance & Pairs (Download)

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GMV-430A  Digital Download  Duration:  66 mins  Sample Clip

An amazing DVD of an outstanding contest! The second DVD in a series of 2 Women’s DVDs focusing on the Women’s Performance, Athletic & Superbody Classes from the World Fitness Federation (WFF).


2001 WFF Universe: Women – Video # 2: Fitness, Performance & Mixed Pairs

An amazing video of an outstanding contest! The second video in a series of 3 Women’s videos focusing on the Women’s Fitness, Performance, and Mixed Pairs Classes from the new World Fitness Federation simply called WFF. Competitors are graded by age, shape and size – e.g. Over 30’s can’t compete in the under 30’s – and there is no Open Category as such. The quality of the competition is astounding.

There is no “physique” class, but taut, lean and muscular beautiful women, feminine, “non-steroidy”, well proportioned and strong. This is a contest that is a ‘must see’. It’s inspirational for all women who want to get into bodybuilding but are put off by the steroid look. This is the first time ever we have had to run the Women’s Classes over two DVDs – yes, it’s that popular!

This means that the Round 3 comparisons and presentations of the Women’s Fitness Classes flowed over from the previous DVD (GMV-429DVD) to this one . In fact, over the two DVDs you will see the posing routines, key comparisons and awards for more than 70 contestants.  Every competitor is shown.

From the youngest to the oldest competitor – everyone, without exception, is in awesome condition. This is bodybuilding AT IT’S BEST.


Women’s Performance
1 Tatjana Alexejewa – Russia
2 Sonja Schleis – Germany
3 Melanie Helfrich – Germany
4 Joelma Pedroca-Amon – Brazil
5 Claudia Reichwein – Germany

Women’s Performance Over 30
1 Claudia Mühlhaus – Germany
2 Kathrin Wedermann – Germany

Women’s Athletic
1 Svetlana Pugacheva – Russia
2 Mira Schafer – Croatia
3 Claudia Bachmann – Switzerland
4 Pascale Seels – Belgium
5 Veronika Aranyos – Austria
6 Michael Lubken – Germany
7 Vesna Biljarska – Macedonia

Women’s Athletic Over 30
1 Sylvie Esmenjaud – France
2 Susanne Toussaint – Germany
3 Tanja Hohl – Germany

Women’s Athletic Over 40
1 Marina Lebedova – Belarus

Women’s Superbody
1 Popi Tsintari – Greece
2 Sindy Yspelder – Holland

Women’s Superbody Over 30
1 Daniela Trevisiol – Italy
2 Mascha Tieken – Holland
3 Elke Schwabe – Germany
4 Avril Cunliffe – Scotland/UK

Women’s Superbody Over 40
1 Terri Roberts – Australia

Pairs – Athletic
1 Tatjana Alexejewa & Nikolai Konowalow – Russia
2 Natalia Gavrilova & Andrej Abramov – Russia
3 Claudia Reichwein & Ralf Stengel – Germany

Pairs – Fitness
1 Corinna Mayer & Andreas Trienbacher – Germany
2 Tanja Leona Meyer & Philip Magenheimer – Germany