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2004 MuscleMania Australia – Women (Download)

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Australia’s greatest natural bodybuilders gathered to compete in the 2004 Musclemania Australia – part of the huge FAME Australia event. The Open Figure was won by the beautiful Linda Grech.


2004 MuscleMania Australia: Women – Prejudging and Show

Australia’s greatest natural bodybuilders gathered at the Showroom, Crown Casino, Melbourne on Saturday 2nd October to compete in the 2004 Musclemania Australia – part of the huge 2004 FAME Australia event.

Includes all women’s classes.

The elite Men’s Open Gold Division was won by a superbly muscled Warren Clampit.

2004 Musclemania Australia Results


Women’s Physique
1. Gail Charles
2. Daina Evans
3. Julie Montebello
Debra Leveque
Julianne Witkamp
Kerry Dyall

Masters Figure
1. Sabine Iredale
2. Rosemary Gardiner
3. Lorelle O’Brien

Novice Figure
1. Alison Thiel
2. Jessica D’Amicis

Open Figure
1. Linda Grech
2. Stacey Glenister
3. Eva Dibrino
Mandy Craig
Helen Parker-Hyde
Christine Tona


Men’s Masters
1. Matt Nicholson
2. Chris Mrakas
3. Ken Ali
4. Fred King

Senior Men
1. Ray Langford
2. Duncan McLean

Junior Men
1. Clifford Barnes
2. Aaron Smith
3. Stacy Howard
David Cook
Ben Resta

Open Men – Bronze
1. Wesley Newell
2. Terry Tambakakis
3. John Gusman
Steve Borg
Peter Gatto
Arthur Papageorgiou
Robin Spero
Josh Praeger
Keith Bouchier
Shawn Lester

Open Men – Silver
1. Tim Martin
2. Josh Dickinson
3. Tony Calabro
Anthony Vula
Nader Mikho
Joel Foster

Open Men – Gold
1. Warren Clampit
2. Brendan Field
3. Joel Ramintas
Phil Kuklinski
Rodney Nairn