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2004 Women’s Olympia: Judging # 1 (Download)

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GMV-592A  Digital Download  Duration:  74 mins  Sample Clip

Compulsory poses and every single comparison are included from the Fitness and Figure Classes. Also see this year the 1 piece round for FIGURE which is usually judged at the night show.


2004 Women’s Olympia Prejudging – Part 1:  Figure & First Rounds of Fitness

See the complete rounds for the Figure Class, plus the first rounds of the Fitness Class  from the afternoon prejudging held in the Expo Hall. This is a rare treat in that usually WOMEN’S PREJUDGING is not offered on video. GMV asked for and was granted permission to record and offer this normally unseen part of the event.

Compulsory poses and every single comparison are included.  Also see this year the 1 piece round for FIGURE which is usually judged at the night show.


Overall Winner: Iris Kyle

Heavyweights over 135 pounds 
1  Iris Kyle  USA
2  Lenda Murray  USA
3  Yaxeni Oriquen  Venezuela
4  Betty Pariso-Carmichael  USA
5  Betty Viana  Venezuela
6  Lisa Aukland  USA
7  Bonny Priest  USA

Lightweights up to 135 pounds 
1  Dayana Cadeau  Canada
2  Denise Masino  USA
3  Marja Lehtonen  Finland
4  Joanna Thomas  England
5  Desiree Ellis  Canada
6  Mah Ann Mendoza  Philippines
7  Nancy Lewis  USA
8  Valentina Chepiga  Ukraine
9  Vilma Caez  USA


1  Adela Garcia-Friedmansky  USA
2  Jen Hendershott  USA
3  Kelly Ryan  USA
4  Kim Klein  USA
5  Tracey Greenwood  USA
6  Julie Palmer  USA
7  Stacey Hylton  USA
8  Tanji Johnson  USA
9  Mindy O’Brien  Canada
10  Anna Level  Venezuela
11  Klaudia Kinska  Slovakia
12  Stacy Simons  USA
13  Jennifer Hanke  USA
14  Teri Mooney  USA


1  Davana Medina  USA
2  Jenny Lynn  USA
3  Monica Brant  USA
4  Jaime Franklin  USA
5  Amber Littlejohn  USA
6  Christine Pomponio-Pate  USA
7  Mari Kudla-Donnelly  USA
8  Elaine Goodlad  Canada
9  Zena Collins  USA
10  Aleksandra Kobielak  Poland
11  Melissa Frabbiele  USA
12  Shannon Meteraud  USA
13  Dina Al-Sabah  Kuwait
14  Jaana Kotkansalo  Finland
15  Lisbeth Halikka  Finland