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2007 Ms. Olympia; Fitness Olympia – Finals (Download)

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The 2007 Women’s Olympia stage events was once again electrifying to watch as Ms. Olympia, Fitness Olympia, and Figure Olympia competitors fought it out for the respective titles.


2007 Fitness, Figure & Ms. Olympia

The 2007 Women’s Olympia stage events was once again electrifying to watch as Ms. Olympia and Fitness Olympia competitors fought it out for the respective titles. This video includes the evening finals only, for both classes.

Congratulations to Adela Garcia who added to the titles she has already won previous to this Olympia, namely 2 Fitness Olympias and 2 Fitness International titles. Catch all the excitement of this year’s show.  Our congratulations to the other winners Jenny Lynn and Iris Kyle as well.

WOMEN’S OLYMPIA 2007 – all aspects of the evening show from Olympia weekend are featured in this program, including the Ms. Olympia Contest, the Figure Olympia Contest, and the Fitness Olympia contest including all of the 2-minute routines.

2007 Olympia Women’s Results:
2007 Ms. Olympia

1  Iris Kyle  USA
2  Dayana Cadeau  Canada
3  Yaxeni Oriquen-Garcia  Venezuela
4  Lisa Aukland  USA
5  Heather Armbrust  USA
6  Betty Pariso  USA
7  Bonny Priest  USA
8  Nicole Ball  Canada
9  Sarah Dunlap  USA
10  Annie Rivieccio  USA
11  Valentina Chepiga  Ukraine
12  Tazzie Colomb  USA
13  Mah-Ann Mendoza  USA
14  Stephanie Kessler  USA
15  Antoinette Thompson  USA

2007 Fitness Olympia

1  Adela Garcia  USA
2  Kim Klein  USA
3  Jen Hendershott  USA
4  Tanji Johnson  USA
5  Tracey Greenwood  USA
7  Oksana Grishina  Russia
8  Julie Lohre  USA
9  Julie Shipley-Childs  USA
10  Mindi O’brien  Canada
11  Stacy Simons  USA
12  Bethany Gainey  USA
13  Regiane Dasilva  Germany
14  Angela Monteleone-Semsch
15  Heidi Fletcher  USA
16  Amy Huber  USA
17  Stephanie Worsfold  Canada
18  Mariam Capes  Canada
19  Rosi Mena  Spain

2007 Figure Olympia

1  Jenny Lynn  USA
2  Gina Aliotti  USA
3  Sonia Adcock  USA
4  Jennifer Gates  USA
5  Amanda Savell  USA
6  Amber Littlejohn  USA
7  Monica Brant-Peckham  USA
8  Amy Fry  USA
9  Valerie Waugaman  USA
10  Mary Elizabeth Lado  USA
11  Latisha Wilder  USA
12  Zivile Raudoniene  Lithuania
13  Inga Neverauskaite  Lithuania
14  Andrea Dumon  USA
15  Chastity Slone  USA
16  Jeanette Freed  USA
17  Heather Green  USA
Natalie Benson  USA
Suzanne Bock  Germany
Chandra Coffey  USA
Mary Jo Cooke-Elliott  USA
Meriza Deguzman  USA
Bernadette Galvan  USA
Celeste Gonzalez  Spain
Danielle Hollanshade  USA
Shannon Meteraud  USA
Nicole Pitcher-Scott  United Kingdom
Felicia Romero  USA