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2010 Arnold Classic – Women: Finals – Figure & Fitness (Download)

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We present the COMPLETE FINALS for Women’s Fitness and Figure from the Veterans Memorial Auditorium in Columbus Ohio.  The winners were Adela Garcia and Nicole Wilkins-Lee.


2010 Arnold Classic Women’s Finals – Figure & Fitness


We present the COMPLETE FINALS for Women’s Figure and Fitness from the Veterans Memorial Auditorium in Columbus Ohio.

The winners were Adela Garcia Ms. Fitness International and Nicole Wilkins-Lee Ms. Figure International.

We shot amazing closeup footage from our key position in the front of the press pit, and edited this with the best footage from the 3 other cameras of Live Technologies. Every angle is covered making this 4 CAMERA SHOOT the best, most comprehensive FINALS contest coverage we have ever offered. You see  the best possible angle and close-up on each competitor, shot in brilliant WIDE SCREEN 16:9 FORMAT for the first time ever at the Arnold Sports festival. You see the whole contest from the opening through to the final awards and interviews by Arnold.

JULIE PALMER and ADELA GARCIA battled it out for Fitness International honours with Adela victorious.  In the Figure Class is was a great battle between new young stars NICOLE WILKINS-LEE and ERIN STERN with Nicole making it the double after winning the 2009 Figure Olympia.

Contest Results:

Ms. International
1 Iris Kyle – USA
2 Yaxeni Oriquen-Garcia – Venezuela
3 Debi Laszewski – USA
4 Lisa Aukland – USA
5 Betty Pariso – USA
6 Dayana Cadeau – USA
7 Zoa Linsey – Canada
8 Alina Popa – Romania
9 Elena Shportun-Willemer – Russia
10 Brenda Raganot – USA
11 Antoinette Thompson – USA
12 Jeannie Paparone – USA
13 Dena Westerfield – USA
14 Mah-Ann Mendoza – USA

Figure International
1 Nicole Wilkins-Lee – USA
2 Erin Stern – USA
3 Heather Mae French – USA
4 Mindi Smith – USA
5 Felicia Romero – USA
6 Larissa Reis – Brazil
7 Monica Brant – USA
8 Kristi Tauti – USA
9 Andrea Watson – USA
10 Rosa-Maria Romero – Australia
11 Monica Mark-Escalante -USA
12 Latisha Wilder – USA
13 Candice Houston – USA
14 Cristiana Casoni – Italy
15 Kim Tilden – Canada
15 Krissy Chin – USA
16 Sherlyn Roy – USA
17 Alicia Harris – USA
18 Angela Mraz – USA

Fitness International
1 Adela Garcia – USA
2 Julie Palmer – USA
3 Tanji Johnson – USA
4 Trish Warren – USA
5 Oksana Grishina – Russia
6 Camala Rodriguez – USA
7 Tina Durkin – USA
8 Myriam Capes – Canada
8 Regiane Da Silva – Germany
10 Nicole Duncan – USA
11 Bethany Wagner – USA
12 Kizzy Vaines – UK
13 Sylvia Tremblay – USA
14 Kayde Puckett – USA
15 Allison Ethier – Canada

“In this video you will see an absolute bonanza of gorgeous figure women and remarkable fitness routines”.

All cover and Gallery photos are by Gary Phillips

Date & Place: March 5 – Friday, 2010, Veterans Memorial Auditorium, Columbus, Ohio, USA.
The 2010 Arnold Sports Festival – A Classic Productions, Inc event.
Arnold Classic Executive Producer: Jim Lorimer.
Classic Productions
Camerawork by Live Technologies and Wayne Gallasch, GMV Productions.
Special thanks to Lorz Communications – Public Relations, Shawn Loevenguth – Live Technologies.
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