2010 FLEX Bikini Model Search (Download)

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The Winner from 2010, Alexandra Zerega, won an exclusive contract with Weider, and featured in the Flex magazine Swimsuit Edition.


2010 “FLEX” Bikini Model Search 

Now in its fourth year, the 2010 FLEX Bikini Model Search Championships, presented by Gaspari Nutrition, was – as promised – bigger and better than ever. 88 beautiful bikini competitors took over the main stage at Joe Weider’s 2010 Olympia Weekend Expo at the Las Vegas Convention Center. 15 women then advanced to the next round of competition – including the four winners of the three-month long FLEX Bikini Model Search Online. Out of that elite lineup, 5 moved on to the final round.

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After much deliberation, ALEXANDRA ZEREGA was crowned the 2010 FLEX Bikini Model Search winner. The 24-year old Zerega, from Lakewood, California, in addition to being the month two winner of the online portion of the contest, also won the overall bikini title in the 2010 NPC California Championships. Alexandra earned an exclusive publication contract with Weider/AMI and will appear in the 2011 FLEX Swimsuit Issue.

Dayna Maleton from Lyndhurst New Jersey, who also won the Arnold Classic Amateur bikini title, took the runner-up spot while Tatum Miranda from Studio City, California finished third.

1. Alexandra Zerega (pictured right)
2. Dayna Maleton
3. Tatum Miranda

All rounds are shown in this video for the 2010 competition.

2010 “Flex” Bikini Model Search Complete Results

1. Alexandra Zerega
2. Dayna Maleton
3. Tatum Miranda
4. Gullett Michell
5. Dara Reyes
Abigail Spencer
Alicia Melelani Girvan
Allyson Whitney
Alyssa Hynes
Amanda Fanelli
Amanda Butz
Amber Day
Amy Hardigree
Angela Gist
Anna Nikodem
Antoinette Dawson
April Deweese
Ashley Bell
Autumn Aguilar
Boyon Shin
Brynn Debarr
Candice Bautista-Moore
Caroline De Souza Saraiva
Chelsea Ulrich
Chelsea Shand
Christina Larson
Claudia Loera
Dianna Rojas
Ekaterina Schload
Emiko Matsui
Erica Lee Blockman
Erin Carli
Eva Martinkova
Francesca Giacomini
Genevieve Rene
Gidget Migliaccio
Gina Centrullo
Grissel Martinez
Ingrid Romero
Janaina Barral
Janie Trevino
Jaquelyn Roberts
Jennifer Simmons
Jennifer Cullen
Jessica Rowell
Josephine Dalton
Julia Arroyo
Kailey Belton
Kelly Meade
Kendall Schmidt
Krissy Richard
Kristie McCaffrey
Lauren Stogner
Louise Brandstrup
Lourdes Cintron
Marianne Chester
Marie-Christine Sinkobi-Deblock
Meegan Cameron
Melissa Wooten
Melissa Boychuk
Mercedes Perez
Mica DeWitt
Michele Tarajcak
Michelle Hart
Michelle Ulibarri
Nada Dilevska
Nicoletta Radu
Olga Svyrydova
Olivia Rhyne
Paola Terry
Rhonda Jorgenson-Castillo
Robyn Baldwin
Samantha Fishow
Sandra Fields
Shannon Rockweiler
Shannon Jantz
Shelly Stewart
Sherlyn Hasty
Stacey Alexander
Teona Kapoi
Tessa Knotter
Tia Jackson
Veronica Rosales de Gorud
Sarah Graham