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2012 Flex Pro Fitness & Bikini Championships Download

2012 Flex Pro Fitness & Bikini Championships (Download)

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The complete Prejudging is included for both classes, followed by the evening Finals with all of the fitness routines and awards.

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Santa Monica Civic Auditorium , CA:  Saturday, February 18th, 2012

This is the second year of the IFBB Flex Pro contest, staged in the famous Santa Monica Civic Auditorium in LA, California.  The complete Prejudging is included for both classes.  The Prejudging is followed by the evening Finals with all of the fitness routines. This was followed by the top 5 awards.



In the Flex Pro Fitness it was another convincing victory by the Superstar of Fitness, ADELA GARCIA.   OKSANA GRISHINA was in second place,with MYRIAM CAPES in third place.  In the Flex Pro Bikini it was JANAINA BARRAL from Brazil in first place.  KATRINA McLELLAN was 2nd and LAUREN TRIANA in 3rd place.

Extra Scenes:  Pump room and side of stage scenes

2012 IFBB Flex Pro Women’s Results

IFBB Flex Pro Fitness

1. Adela Garcia – USA
2. Oksana Grishina – Russia
3. Myriam Capes – Canada
4. Tanji Johnson – USA
5. Bethany Cisternino – USA
6. Jodi Boam – Canada
7. Vanda Hadarean- Canada
8. Camala Rodriguez – USA
9. Allison Ethier – Canada
10. Sheri Vucick – USA
11. Michele Mayberry – USA
12. Paula Williams-Gulman – USA

IFBB Flex Pro Bikini

1. Janaina Barral – Brazil
2. Katrina McLellan – USA
3. Lauren Triana – USA
4. Denise Milani – USA
5. Victoria Ascarrunz – USA
5. Sarah Brown – USA
5. Jessica Quillian – USA
8. Crystal Cunningham – USA
9. Almira Rezaimalek – USA
10. Melanie Albert – Canada
10. Raven Barnes – USA
12. Lydia Ambrose – USA
13. Milanya Maria – USA
13. Shana Vega – USA
15. Evina Luna – USA
16. Rashida Card – USA
17. Adriana Guzman – Mexico
17. Ana Foster – USA
19. Kelly Jamerson – USA
20. Sehila Preciado Jimenez – Mexico

Click here for the COMPLETE EVENT RESULTS & some MEN’S PHOTOS.

Photos by Bill Comstock courtesy flexonline.com