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2013 IFBB Australian Pro Figure & Bikini (Download)

AUD $12.50

GMV-847A  Digital Download  Duration:  70 mins  Sample Clip

See the complete Pro Figure Classic III and the inaugural year of the Pro Bikini in Australia. We present every round of the PREJUDGING through to the comparisons and awards at the FINALS.


2013 IFBB Australian Pro Figure Classic III & Pro Bikini

This is a Tony Doherty Production as part of FitX – Sport & Fitness Expo 2013, held at the Plenary Hall, Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre on March 8-9, 2013.

This is the 13th year of the Australian Pro GP, and not only will you see the complete Pro Figure Classic III and the inaugural year of the Pro Bikini in Australia but also every round of the PREJUDGING.  In addition we include the comparisons and awards at the FINALS.


The event was superbly promoted by Tony Doherty as part of the  FitX – Sport & Fitness Expo 2013. The Amateur Grand Prix and Pro Qualifier was sponsored by Bulk nutrients.

CANDICE KEENE (USA) was the winner of the Pro Figure not to mention INDIA PAULINO, who took out the first ever Australian Pro Bikini title.

The DVD includes a superb Photo Gallery with contest photos by Gary Phillips of, as well as photos by Darren Burns and Tina Gallasch.

Qualifier Pro Bikini: 11 mins
Prejudging Pro Bikini : 9.5 mins
Finals Pro Bikini : 10 mins
Qualifier Pro Figure : 8 mins
Prejudging Pro Figure : 18 mins
Finals Pro Figure : 14 mins

The Complete Women’s Results:

Pro Figure
1. Candice Keene – USA
2. Erin Stern – USA
3. Candice Lewis – USA
4. Mallory Haldeman – USA
5. Rinnah Schmid – Australia
6. Amanda Doherty – Australia
7. Yoko Washington – NZ
8. Asher Prior – Australia
9. Laura Keddie – Australia
10. Summer Bernard – Australia
11. Darlene Escano Williams – Australia
12. Kristy Thomson – NZ
13. Nuria Novoa – NZ

Pro Bikini
1. India Paulino – USA
2. Nicole Nagrani – USA
3. Nathalia Melo – Brazil
4. Pollianna Moss – USA
5. Rhiannon Harris – Australia
6. Jessica Pendergrast – NZ
7. Amy Wright – Australia
8. Nina Silic – Australia