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2014 IFBB Finnish Nationals Women

2014 IFBB Finnish Nationals: Body Fitness & Fitness (Download)

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This IFBB Finnish National Championships event was promoted by KP Ourama. In this video we feature the women’s classes that took place on Sunday – BODY FITNESS, and FITNESS, in all three height categories.

Product Description

2014 IFBB Finnish Nationals – BODY FITNESS and FITNESS

This video brings you the complete competition for the classes listed above – from all of the Prejudging through to the Finals, Overalls and Awards.

The Body Fitness Overall winner was Hanna Saario, Team Body Temple, Perniö.
The Fitness winner was Piia Pajunen, Pro Elite Team, Tampere.


Body Fitness – 163 cm
 1. Iina Levanoja, Team Fitfarm, Helsinki
2. Tiia Keisala, Pro Elite Team, Tampere
3. Hanna Autti, Team Jiipee, Saarenkylä
4. Jessica Silfvernagel, Team Classic Gym, Vaasa
5. Hanna-Riikka Lehtivuori, Team FitBody, Jyväskylä
6. Sanna Nupponen, Team Gym 99, Varkaus
Anni Viholainen, Team SportLife, Mikkeli
Janica Timonen, Team PT Gym, Oulu
Maiju Minea Aalto, Team Fitfarm, Tampere
Sara Karhunen, Team Mayor’s, Helsinki
Niina Vehviläinen, Team K&M, Lahti
Terhi Immonen, Team Sportlife, Loimaa
Heli Ahvenainen, Team Fitfarm, Kotka
Iisa Launiemi, Team SportLife, Pori
Suvi Tihinen, Team Fitfarm, Helsinki

Body Fitness – 168 cm
 1. Hanna Saario, Team Body Temple, Perniö
2. Katja Paju, Pro Elite Team, Hyvinkää
3. Sanna Säkkinen, Team Mayor’s, Helsinki
4. Mari Leppänen, Team Fitfarm, Kangasala
5. Marutzella Vaalikivi, Team Fitfarm, Tampere
6. Henna Kosunen, Team Sportsnutrition, Vantaa
Katrin Kimber-Heiniö, Team Classic Gym, Tampere
Sanna Kankaanranta, Team Fitfarm, Oulu
Mariliisa Heininen, Team Fit, Lahti
Noora Tanskanen, Team Fitfarm, Lohja
Elina Nöjd, Team FitFarm, Helsinki
Katriina Raula, WellGo Fitness Team, Pori
Ida-Maria Mäkelä, Team Karboni, Jyväskylä
Emma Tuomainen, Team Fitfarm, Turku
Kati Kuuluvainen, Team SportLife, Tampere

Body Fitness + 168 cm
 1. Bettina Gräsbeck, Team Fitfarm, Helsinki
2. Elin Hassel, Team Fitfarm, Tampere
3. Noora Huhtala, Team Sportlife, Kouvola
4. Harriet Lönnqvist, Team Fitfarm, Tampere
5. Kirsi-Maria Jäppinen, Team Fitfarm, Jyväskylä
6. Heidi Hiitiö, Team Fitfarm, Klaukkala
Sanna Sarén, Team Fitfarm, Tampere
Sanna Lähdeniemi, Team Fitfarm, Tampere
Reetta Muurinen, Team Fitfarm, Turku
Sanna Raunio, Badass Fitness Team, Espoo
Sanna Kiiski, Team Fitfarm, Rauma
Anna Välimäki, Team Fitfarm, Tampere
Jutta Rossi, Team Piukat Paikat, Pori
Jaana Karjalainen, Team Fitfarm, Kuopio

 1. Piia Pajunen, Pro Elite Team, Tampere
2. Essi Sarja, Pro Elite Team, Jyväskylä
3. Oona Ylitolonen, Pro Elite Team, Helsinki
4. Joan Keihäs, Team Beyond Belief, Parainen
5. Janette Oksman, Team Bodycamp, Vantaa
6. Marika Kemppainen, Team Fithouse, Tampere