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2015 ANB SA Muscle & Model - Women part 1

2015 ANB SA Muscle & Model Extravaganza – Women # 1 (Download)

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GMV-896B  Digital Download  Duration:  96 mins Sample Preview

Women Part 1 includes the following classes:  Figure Novice      Women’s Master 35+      Women’s Grandmasters 45 +      Figure Open      Swimsuit Novice

Product Description

2015 ANB SA Muscle & Model Extravaganza – Women # 1

Sunday 26th April, Norwood Town Hall, Norwood, S.A.

Women Part 1 includes the following classes:
Figure Novice      Women’s Master 35+      Women’s Grandmasters 45 +      Figure Open      Swimsuit Novice

This top class event was staged in the home of Adelaide bodybuilding – the Norwood Town Hall. The Promoter was David Salamon of ANB S.A. The popular MC was Lorraine March.

It was a high standard contest featuring some of the best natural athletes in South Australia. This DVD presentation brings you all of the action from the Judging rounds through to the Overalls including the awards for all of the categories.


FORMAT:  Wide Screen 16:9



Figure Novice: Bev Miller
Men’s Novice: Mark McCormack
Women’s Master 35+: Kathy Isaacson
Women’s Grandmasters 45 +: Bev Miller
Figure Open: Kathy Isaacson
Men’s Under 70kg: Sangdi Ren
Men’s Under 80kg: Mark McCormack
Men’s Under 90kg: Guan Fang
Men’s Over 90kg: Elliot Esca
Swimsuit Novice: Rhiannon Disljenkovic
Swimsuit Over 30: Melanie Weaver
Swimsuit Under 30: Tegan Olsen
Men’s Fitness: Matthew Rowe
Fitness Novice: Roxanne Kakoschke
Fitness Under 30: Lucinda Porcelli
Fitness Over 30: Sharyn Simes

Complete Results: 2015 ANB South Australian Muscle & Model Extravaganza

Figure Novice
1. Bev Miller
2. Annette Lacar
3. Angela Boothey
4. Gail Pounsett

Men’s Novice
1. Mark McCormack
2. Elliot Esca
3. Guan Fang
4. Curtis Crawford
5. Vijay Kumar
6. Sangdi Ren

Women’s Master 35+
1. Kathy Isaacson
2. Lisa Allan
3. Megan Knight
4. Annette Lacar
5. Angela Boothey

Women’s Grandmasters 45 +
1. Bev Miller
2. Lee Dinan
3. Lisa Morby
4. Vanessa Timko
5. Gail Pounsett

Figure Open
1. Kathy Isaacson
2. Lisa Allan
3. Megan Knight
4. Lee Dinan

Men’s Under 70kg
1. Sangdi Ren

Men’s Under 80kg
1. Mark McCormack
2. Curtis Crawford

Men’s Under 90kg
1. Guan Fang
2. Vijay Kumar

Mens Over 90kg
1. Elliot Esca

Swimsuit Novice
1. Rhiannon Disljenkovic
2. Amanda Morgan
3. Bec Copson
4. Chan’e Mienie
5. Alanna Hazledine
6. Victoria Samson
6. Sarah-Jean Brooks
6. Tessa Gloede
6. Jessica Berry
6. Monique Shemeikka
6. Amy Branch
6. Ashleigh Weston
6. Marguerita Costa
6. Amanda Caputo

Swimsuit Over 30
1. Melanie Weaver
2. Mis O’Keefe
3. Jo Katsoulis
4. Joanne Bezzina

Swimsuit Under 30
1. Tegan Olsen
2. Sami Allan
3. Perri Snodgrass

Men’s Fitness
1. Matthew Rowe
2. Daniel Risley
3. Hamid Hussain
4. Chris Flannery
5. Paul Katranis
6. Ishag Iqbal
6. Tanmay More

Fitness Novice
1. Roxanne Kakoschke
2. Samantha Symes
3. Taylor Eglinton

Fitness Under 30
1. Lucinda Porcelli
2. Caitlyn Olds
3. Keenan Taylea

Fitness Over 30
1. Sharyn Simes
2. Larelle Stratford

Winners that Qualified for the ANB Nationals & UFE World Championships are:
Bev Miller
Mark McCormack
Rhiannon Disljenkovic
Melanie Weaver
Tegan Olsen
Matthew Rowe
Roxanne Kakoschke

2015 ANB SA credits:

Major  Sponsor:  International Protein

Photography:  Paul France

Videography, Editing, DVD Graphics & Authoring
Ollie Parke – GMV