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2016 FLEX Magazine’s Bikini Model Search (Download)

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Contestants  are judged on shape, tone, symmetry, poise and overall beauty. Contestants will be judged individually and in group comparisons.



2016 FLEX Magazine’s Bikini Model Search

This isn’t a bodybuilding contest, and the judging is very different.  However symmetry still plays an important part, as does stage presence and charisma.  Results below.


Body Condition & Overall Beauty – 50% of Score
Judges look for fit, feminine contestants who display proper shape and symmetry combined with overall condition and beauty. This is not a bodybuilding contest, so extreme muscularity is negatively scored.

Stage Presence & Personality – 40% of Score
Contestants walk in a bikini and high heels across the stage. Two-piece swimsuits are required and thongs or G-Strings are not acceptable.  Judges look for the contestant with the best stage presence and poise who successfully conveys her personality to the audience.

Audience Popularity – 10% of Score
The goal is to be charming and charismatic, and to incite audience participation.

2016 FLEX Magazine’s Bikini Model Search Results
Mr. Olympia 2016, Expo Stage

1 Bilyana Yotovska
2 Lauren Brazier
3 Olena Kim
4 Jiwon Jeon
5 Yamile Mufdi
6 Linda Illerstam
7 Suzie Doll
8 Tara Carlton
9 Haley Schatz
10 Jerica Kempton
11 Soohyun Bae
12 Heather Loliger
13 Ewelina Szala
14 Mana Noda
15 Amanda Jarvis
Kaili Silva
Stephanie-Josee Fabien
Anastasiya Kabanova
Constance Michels
Doyea Kwon
Melissa Carreon
Brianna Robinson
Susan Baxter
Lily Fontas
Amanda Cardoso
Tiffany Wilson
Clarissa Tafoya
Joey Guz
Asaya Azah
Alyssa LoGrande
Anna Lilly
Priscila Santana
Naviere Walkewicz
Trista Anderson