Cory Everson’s Workout (Download)

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GMV-130  Digital Download   Duration: 90 mins    Sample Clip

Our two cameras followed IFBB Pro bodybuilder Cory Everson through her gym workout and workout seminar. Cory demonstrates all her exercises for her fans.


Cory Everson’s Workout

Ever wondered how much it takes to win 6 Ms. Olympias in a row? Well, what you didn’t find out from Lenda Murray, you can get from this video on Cory Everson’s Ms. Olympia Workout.

Our two cameras followed Cory through 2 and a half days of shooting, in our own home town of Adelaide, South Australia. We focus on the gym workout and workout seminar, and Cory demonstrates exercise after exercise for all her fans.

This video shows a genuine full body Cory Everson workout. Husband Jeff describes exactly what Cory does for each body part, and the precise training routine she used to win all those Olympia titles!! She gives us suggested training routines and, as a special bonus, we include Cory’s 1989 Ms. Olympia victory posing routine.


Cory Everson – Contest History

Central USA Championships – AAU, Winner
Ms Midwest – AAU, Tall, 1st
Ms Midwest – AAU, Overall Winner

North American Championships – IFBB, Overall Winner

Nationals – NPC, HeavyWeight, 1st
Nationals – NPC, Overall Winner
Olympia – IFBB, Winner

1985:  Olympia – IFBB, Winner

1986:  Olympia – IFBB, Winner

1987:  Olympia – IFBB, Winner

1988:  Olympia – IFBB, Winner

1989:  Olympia – IFBB, Winner