Joe Weider’s Bodybuilding Training System # 7 & 8 (Download)

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Part 7:  Mass and Strength; Part 8:  Nutrition and Diet. Hear from the stars including Dorian Yates, Frank Zane, Tonya Knight, Lenda Murray and more.


Joe Weider’s Bodybuilding Training System # 7 & 8

Build your body with Joe Weider as your personal trainer.  Learn and discover insights from 47 IFBB champions and fitness experts.

Part 7 – Mass & Strength Training: Mass training techniques and principles; Mass vs. quality workouts; white fibres and red fibres; power training and how it works; Strength vs. power; compensatory acceleration; building mass with free weights; the role of nutrition; mass bnuilding exercises – anmd the mass-bnuilding workout.

Part 8: Nutrition and Diet: Bodybuilders – the most successful dieters on the planet; the macronutrients – protein, carbohydrate and fats; how to eat, how much to eat and when to eat; losing fat, maintaining muscle; avoiding carbohydrate deprivation; calories, metabolic rate and exercise; staying anabolic; micronutrients – vitamin and mineral supplements, protein powder and amino acids.

Includes these stars:

Franco Columbu
Cory Everson
Lou Ferrigno
Rich Gaspari
Raye Hollitt
Tonya Knight
Lee Labrada
Mike Matarazzo
Rachel McLish
Lenda Murray
Bob Paris
Shawn Ray
Sandy Riddell
Vince Taylor
Flex Wheeler
Dorian Yates
Frank Zane

Part 5:  Legs and shoulders
Part 6:  Detail Training – Calves, Abs and Forearms.

As the father of modern bodybuilding, Joe Weider trained and mentored the greatest athletes in the sport worldwide.  Joe was the co-founder of the fifth largest international sport federation – IFBB.  He was also the creator of the biggest, most prestigious professional bodybuilding event – Joe Weider’s Olympia.