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Women's Muscle Power #10 - Winning Figures

Women’s Muscle Power # 10 (Download)

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AUD $7.50

GMV-380  Digital Download  Duration: 70 mins  Sample Clip

A FEAST OF FANTASTIC FEMININE FIGURE & FITNESS MUSCLE.   Includes Loretta McMillan, Tanja Baumann, Terri Roberts, Lorraine March and more.

Product Description

Women’s Muscle Power # 10 – Winning Figures


* LORETTA McMILLAN – Current World & Universe Figure champion pumps and poses for our cameras.
* TERRI ROBERTS – Winner of every title in Australia plus NABBA Miss Universe, poses poolside in various sexy outfits – hot, hot, hot!!
* TANJA BAUMANN – Switzerland’s World Sport Aerobic Champion sizzles on the contest stage in Germany.
* LISA MASSON – World Champion and Miss Universe pumps and poses. The blonde bombshell from New Zealand.
* DIANE JARDIM – Australian Figure Class Champion and Grand Prix winner in a sensational workout segment plus posing.
* CATRINA INGRAM – Australia’s hottest new bodybuilding star in the gym and on stage.
* SYLVIE ESMANJAUD – French chic of muscle, with fantastic posing.
* LORRAINE MARCH – Aussie Champion in a new workout segment plus contest posing.
JUANI MARTINEZ – Spain’s sexy World Champion

completes a star studded field.