1983 Mr. & Miss NABBA UNIVERSE (DVD)

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V-052-DVD  Open Region DVD  Duration:  75 mins  Sample Clip

The atmosphere and excitement of this great physique show at Wembley, England is captured. See USA’s Mr. America winner JEFF KING as he overcomes the major challenge from JOHN BROWN in his class and goes on to win the overall title against class winners VINCE BROWN and TERRY PHILLIPS.


1983 Mr. and Miss NABBA UNIVERSE

The NABBA Universe was known as the greatest physique show on earth.  Along with the Mr. Universe was the NABBA Miss International Open Bikini Class which was its correct name back then. It was really like the figure class of today.

Mr Universe

The atmosphere and excitement of this great physique show at Wembley, England is captured in it’s entirety. See USA’s Mr. America winner JEFF KING as he overcomes the major challenge from JOHN BROWN in his class and goes on to win the overall title against class winners VINCE BROWN and TERRY PHILLIPS.

From build up – when you are taken behind the scenes to watch the competitors in preparation, to some useful tips, and competitor profiles – to prejudging and meeting the winners. Includes an interview with defending champion John Brown.

See the late ED KAWAK as he defeats Scotland’s IAN LAWRENCE and USA’s RUFUS HOWARD after a titanic battle in the Pro division.

NABBA Miss International Open Bikini

All the glamour and excitement of this international gathering of beautiful figure type competitors including:
Behind-the-scenes activity, how the competition is judged, presentations to the finalists and interviews with the winners. MARY SCOTT of Scotland was a narrow winner in the Bikini Class over Australia’s BETH LOPEZ.

For all bodybuilding enthusiasts, lovers of competitions or current competitors, you’ll find the classic 1983 Mr Universe and Miss Bikini contest compelling viewing.

This is not a complete record of every single competitor but rather the major competitors who are shown.

Major winners were:
JEFF KING – Overall Amateur Mr. Universe winner
EDWARD KAWAK – Pro Mr. Universe winner
MARY SCOTT – NABBA Miss International Open Bikini winner

1983 NABBA Universe Results

Overall Amateur Winner: Jeff King – USA

Tall Class 1
1.   Jeff King – USA
2.   John Brown – USA
3.   Marty Vranicar – USA
4.   Gary Lewer – Australia
5.   Franz Bach – Germany
6.   Patrick Nicholls – Barbados
7.   Njue Jackson – UK

Medium Class 2
1.   Vince Brown – UK
2.   Eugene Laviscount – UK
3.   Robert Reis – USA
4.   Peter Andreas – Germany
5.   Eduardo De La Asuncion – Spain
6.   Graham Pearce – UK
7.   Guy Verlinden – France

Short Class 3
1.   Terry Phillips – UK
2.   Mike Sable – USA
3.   Larry Bernstein – USA
4.   Billy Knight – Australia
5.   Adolf Ziegner – Austria
6.   Tony Sullivan – UK
7.   Mike Peiters – Belgium

NABBA Professional Universe
1.   Edward Kawak – Lebanon
2.   Ian Lawrence – UK (Scotland)
3.   Rufus Howard – USA
4.   Bill Richardson – UK
5.   Bob Jokdkiewicz – USA
6.   Bill Hemsworth – USA
7.   John Citrone – UK
8.   Paul Wynter – UK

NABBA Miss International Open Bikini
1. Mary  Scott – UK/Scotland
2. Beth Lopez – Australia
3. Maria Zeppeling – Holland
4. Francine Geene – France
5. Carole Bennett – UK/England
6. Michele Buckingham – Australia
7. Petra Brunnenberg – Germany