1988 Ms. Olympia (DVD)

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A-0464-DVD  Open Region DVD  Duration: 84 mins  Sample Clip

This DVD stars Cory Everson, Anja Langer, Bev Francis, Tonya Knight, Ellen Van Maris, Renate Holland, Renee Cassella, Laura Creavalle, Joy Nichols, Cathy Palyo, Janice Ragain, Veronica Dahlin, Juliette Bergmann, Dona Oliveira, Carla Dunlap, Janet Tech.


1988 Ms. Olympia 

The 1988 Ms Olympia was one of the most controversial ever. The very popular 4th placed Tonya Knight was controversially disqualified. It proved to be her last Olympia.

1988 Ms. Olympia Results

1 Cory Everson   USA
2 Anja Langer   Germany
3 Bev Francis  Australia
4 Tonya Knight*  USA
5 Ellen Van Maris   Netherlands
6 Marjo Selin   Finland
7 Dona Oliveira   USA
8 Janet Tech   USA
9 Renate Holland   Germany
10 Carla Dunlap   USA
11 Laura Creavalle   Canada
12 Renee Casella   USA
13 Juliette Bergmann   Netherlands
14 Janice Ragain  USA
15 Joy Nichols  Canada
16 Cathey Palyo  USA
17 Veronica Dahlen   Sweden