2002 WFF Universe: Women – DVD # 2 (DVD)

AUD $29.95

GMV-484  Digital Download  Duration:  84 mins  Sample Clip

The Women’s DVD # 2 covers these classes: Women’s Performance, Women’s Athletic, Women’s Super Body and Women’s Extreme Body.



Held in Goettingen, Germany, this huge event featuring 300 competitors (men & women) has been divided into 3 DVDs for the men and 2 for the women. This Women’s DVD # 2 covers the classes listed below.


Women’s Performance & Overall Champion: Susan Malekpur – Germany
Women’s Performance Over 30: Iris Probus – Switzerland
Athletic: Sonja Schleis – Germany
Women’s Athletic Over 30 & Overall Champion: Sylvie Esmenjaud – France
Women’s Athletic Over 40: Angela McCluskey – Scotland
Superbody & Overall Champion: Irina Zinchenko – Russia
Superbody Over 30: Lucie Walther – Germany
Extreme Body: Alvia Solomentseva – Russia

The DVD includes the complete 3 rounds for every class – lineup, posing performance routine, and all comparisons.   This is followed by the Awards for each class including the overall posedown and awards.  This DVD covers the complete contest for these classes that are in shown in this DVD.

For the complete list of all competitors and results as seen in this DVD, see below.

Women’s Performance  
1 Susan Malekpur (Overall winner) Germany
2 Anna Komissarova Russia
3 Iva Jurcovic Croatia
4 Yuliya Drazhyna Belarus

Women’s Performance Over 30  
1 Iris Probus Switzerland
2 Marie Pierre Ripert France
3 Celine Manuguera France
4 Olga Vassina Russia
5 Betina Muller Germany
6 Damiana Maestri Italy
7 Elke Schwabe Germany
8 Angelika Brecht Germany
9 Gitte Nielsen Denmark
10 Brita Milde Germany

Women’s Athletic 
1 Sonja Schleis Germany

Women’s Athletic Over 30 
1 Sylvie Esmenjaud (Overall winner) France
2 Romina Paoli Austria
3 Melanie Merker Germany
4 Zaida Desole Switzerland
5 Mascha Tieken Holland
6 Anna Kirioukhina Russia
7 Inna Terasmaa Estonia
8 Jelena Jaksic Macedonia
9 Marina Karyagina Russia

Women’s Athletic Over 40 
1 Angela McCluskey Scotland

Women’s Superbody
1 Irina Zinchenko (Overall winner) Russia
2 Monika Schäfer Germany

Women’s Superbody Over 30
1 Lucie Walther Germany
2 Sandrine Sacoman France
3 Veronique Ducos France

Women’s Extreme Body 
1 Alvia Solomentseva Russia