2003 Women’s Olympia – Figure/Fitness Prejudging (DVD)

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GMV-558-DVD  Open Region DVD  Duration:  74 mins  Sample Clip

In the Figure Class, see the Complete Figure Olympia Prejudging from Rounds 1 and 2.  See how the relatively unknown DAVANA MEDINA edged out the super popular MONICA BRANT.


2003 Women’s Olympia: Figure and Fitness Prejudging

See all the prejudging footage as we present the complete afternoon rounds for Figure and Fitness from the Mandalay Bay Hotel and Resort.    In the Figure Class, see the Complete Figure Olympia Prejudging from Rounds 1 and 2.  See how the relatively unknown DAVANA MEDINA edged out the super popular MONICA BRANT!!

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2003 Ms. Olympia Contest
2003 Ms. Olympia Pump Room
2003 Olympia Figure and Fitness Gallery

2003 Olympia Figure and Fitness Pump Room

In the Complete Fitness Olympia Prejudging see Rounds 1 and 2 which includes all the dynamic “cat-suit” routines.  You be the judge as to Susie Curry versus Kelly Ryan for first place. Many Ryan fans felt she was hard done by!

Includes interviews with winners Susie Curry and Davana Medina.

This DVD includes a superb PHOTO GALLERY.

This is the 7th and final DVD associated with the WOMEN OF THE 2003 OLYMPIA!  The biggest and best coverage ever of a women’s event.

2003 Figure Olympia Results

1 Davana Medina
2 Monica Brant
3 Jenny Lynn
4 Mari Kudla
5 Dina Al-Sabah
6 D.J. Wallis
7 Jamie Franklin
8 Aleksandra Kobielak
9 Sharon Kouvaris
10 Hannah Park
11 Elaine Goodlad
12 Theil Bradford

 2003 Fitness Olympia Results

1 Susie Curry
2 Kelly Ryan
3 Adela Friedmansky
4 Tracey Greenwood
5 Jen Hendershott
6 Anna Level
7 Klaudia Kinska
8 Stacy Hylton
9 Julie Palmer
10 Jenny Worth
11 Kim Klein
12 Stacy Simons
13 Shannon Meteraud
14 Kim Odiatu