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2009 Olympia - Women (DVD)
2009 Olympia - Women (DVD)

2009 Olympia – Women (DVD)

AUD $39.95

See the Fabulous Females of the Olympia all in one package! Ms. Olympia, fitness Olympia, Figure Olympia and the new Bikini Olympia class.

Additional Information

Running Time

240 mins

Featured Bodybuilders

Ms. Olympia
Iris Kyle, Heather Armbrust, Debi Laszewski, Lisa Aukland, Yaxeni Oriquen-Garcia, Betty Pariso, Kristy Hawkins, Dayana Cadeau, Betty Viana-Adkins, Tina Chandler, Rosemary Jennings, Nicole Ball, Gale Frankie

Figure Olympia
Nicole Wilkins-Lee, Gina Aliotti, Heather Mae French, Krystal Richardson, Amy Fry, Erin Stern, Jenny Lynn, Jessica Paxson-Putnam, Felicia Romero, Monica Brant, Sonia Gonzales, Larissa Reis, Alicia Marie Harris, Kristi Tauti, Meriza DeGuzman, Teresa Anthony, Houng Arcinas, Krissy Chin, Patricia Mello, April Rountree, Sherlyn Roy, Brenda Marie-Smith

Fitness Olympia
Adela Garcia, Tanji Johnson, Tracey Greenwood, Julie Palmer, Tina Durkin, Myriam Capes, Shannon Meteraud, Nicole Duncan, Regiane Da Silva, Trish Warren, Mindi O'Brien

Bikini Olympia
Amanda Latona, Mary Jarmolawich, Tianna Ta, Michell Goulet, Shannon Rockweiler, Tatum Miranda, Lauren Rush, Natalia Muntean, Krissy Richards, Fernanda Rocha, Katie Barnes, Ashley Zito, Tiffany Radzwill, Lindsay Huber, Deborah Cochrell, Kelly Willis


The 2009 Olympia Women’s Events were staged over Friday and Saturday this year. There were 3 classes as usual for the women from Bodybuilding to Figure and Fitness. See the Fabulous Females of the Olympia all in one package! The DVD will include the powerful and feminine bodybuilding competitors in the Ms. Olympia contest, the incredibly athletic routines of the Fitness Olympia, the sensational physiques and dazzling charm of the Figure Olympia, and the return of the FLEX Magazine Bikini Model Search. ALL contained on one incredible DVD of top professional quality lasting almost four hours.

Backstage, onstage, special footage not seen on the webcast, interviews and more will make this an outstanding DVD for your home full-screen viewing! The Pump Room footage is exclusive to this DVD.


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