2011 NABBA Universe – Women (DVD)

AUD $29.95

A-1400-DVD  Open Region DVD  Duration: 104 mins  Sample Clip

Includes the OHF Best Presentation Award to Maria Tereza Mendonca Pintya of Brazil. The OVERALL MISS FIGURE UNIVERSE posedown was won by Maria Kuzmina – Russia.


2011 NABBA Universe: Women – Prejudging & Show

Held in Southport, England on October 29th, the 2011 NABBA Universe celebrated competition between some of the world’s best figure competitors. The 2011 NABBA Universe Women’s Prejudging & Show brings you the complete NABBA Universe event for women. This year a new class was introduced. It was the Toned Figure Class.

See the complete posing routine of all competitors at the PREJUDGING, line-ups of Round 1 and every single comparison from Round 3 for all 3 classes – TRAINED FIGURE CLASSES 1 & 2 and MISS TONED FIGURE.

At the evening SHOW, you will see the posing routines of all top 6 competitors, plus the OVERALL FIGURE CLASS POSEDOWN and awards.

Includes the OHF Best Presentation Award to Maria Tereza Mendonca Pintya of Brazil.

The OVERALL MISS FIGURE UNIVERSE posedown was won by Maria Kuzmina – Russia. Pictured front cover above.

See our 2011 NABBA Universe Report by Wayne Gallasch with help from Alex Mac.


1. Jodie Howard Australia
2. Flora Conte Italy
3. Federica Ortu Italy
4. Cheryl Steel UK
5. Roberta Lopes Gomes Brazil
6. Irene Alley South Africa
Jo Brown Scotland/UK
Kaye O’Neil New Zealand
Carla Jinks UK
Kelly Freeman UK
Karolina Holubcova Czech Rep
Alicia Zayas Spain
Linda Cassidy N. Ireland/UK

1. Maria Kuzmina Russia
2. Anne-Marie Lasserre Australia
3. Jody Shuttleworth UK
4. Vanessa Coelho dos Santos Brazil
5. Lesley-Ann Armstrong N. Ireland/UK
6. Ira Mayan Israel
Karen Jeffrey Australia
Joanne Sperring UK
Delene Watkins South Africa
Anna Ojala Finland
Leanne McGlynn N. Ireland/UK
Pamela Higgins UK
Louise Wormley UK
Rosangela Aparecida Leocadia Brazil

1. Maria Tereza Mendonca Pintya Brazil
2. Maria Beltukova Russia
3. Thais Pereira Marcondes Brazil
4. Nicola Bentham UK
5. Catherine Hosker-Brothers UK
6. Beauty Gandiwa UK
Kim Byrne UK
Jennie Mayberry Rep. of Ireland
Cristina Menini Italy
Kay Goodwin UK
Bronwynne Schickerling South Africa
Jade Kealy Rep. of Ireland
Kristine Alksne Latvia
Kathryn Clough South Africa
Vanessa Sewell UK
Laura Smith UK
Lesley Blanchard UK