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2012 INBA S. A. Natural Physique & Figure Titles (DVD)

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GMV-838-DVD  Open Region DVD  Duration: 144 mins  Sample Clip

The Overall Champions were international star BEN WORTLEY in the Men’s section, and a superbly proportioned TRACY WEST for the women. See two and a half hours of fabulous physiques in this massive DVD, with every round included through to the final posedowns and awards.


2012 INBA South Australian Natural Physique & Figure Titles

The 2012 contest was held at the Norwood Concert Hall on Sunday, September 30th.  You will see a large number of top quality competitors spread over many different classes.

The Overall Champions were international star in BEN WORTLEY in the Men’s section and a superbly proportioned TRACY WEST for the women. Both are pictured front cover.

See two and a half hours of fabulous physiques in this massive DVD, with every round included through to the final posedowns and awards.
The Major Sponsors were Max’s and Australian Muscle.

Extra Scenes:  Photo Gallery

Photos by Jeff Thompson for GMV

Complete Results

Men’s Teenage
1. Craig Richardson
2. Mark Piscioneri
3. Chris Pampoukidis
4. Dale Colgan
5. Joel Fowler
6. Sam Rollison
7. Alek Saunders
8. Adam Ooi

Men’s Junior
1. Donald Turner
2. Ellon Lubke
3. Thomas Geisler
4. Aiden Lawrie
5. Callum Hull
6. Matthew Hayes

Men’s Novice
1. Jason Coleman
2. Carl Robinson
3. Anthony O’Brien
4. Nathan Fangaloka
5. Damir Karaahmetovic
6. George Soumelidis
7. Dalibor Toholj
8. Lance Chomel

Fitness Model
1. Bec Rosewall
2. Patrece Hauswirth
3. Leanne Wright
4. Krystle Smith
5. Bethany Newman
6. Ria Monteodorisio
7. Jacinta Palma
8. Corrie Levi
9. Kirsty Jones

Men’s Intermediate
1. Gerry McCuish
2. Ben Donoghue
3. Adam Todd
4. David Holland
5. Jason Wong
6. Dale Power
7. Samuel Piggott
8. James Clark

Women’s Intermediate
1. Tina McIntyre
2. Beverley Omoboni
3. Anita Brgles
4. Alana Ray
5. Bec Morrison
6. Sarah Page

Women’s Novice
1. Nicole Durkay

Men’s Masters O’40
1. Andrew Clark
2. Brian Warneke
3. Francisco Dullona

Men’s Masters O’50
1. Gary Borel
2. Ian Bowden
3. Brahma Power
4. Dale Leonard

Women’s Masters O’50
1. Debbie Dunkley
2. Briggitre Lauer
3. Susan Wilson
4. Beryl Liebich

Women’s Open
1. Tracy West
2. Venessa Timko

Men’s Open Short
1. Ben Wortley
2. Nobuyuki Fukuda

Men’s Open Tall
1. Phillip Ward
2. Will Stoetzer
3. Tore Ricci
4. Dominic Lagana

Men’s Overall Winner: Ben Wortley
Women’s Overall Winner: Tracy West