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2020 Arnold Pro DVDs: Men, Women, Strongman

2020 Arnold Classic Pro DVD Collection:  $39.95 each
(Blu-ray $49.95 each)



2020 Arnold Classic Pro Men DVDGMV-1050-DVD  Open Region DVD  Duration: 266 mins  Sample Clip

Congratulations to the second time Arnold Classic champion WILLIAM BONAC from the Netherlands. The other big winners were CLASSIC PHYSIQUE Alex Cambronero, MEN’S PHYSIQUE Andre Ferguson, and PRO MEN’S WHEELCHAIR Harold Kelley.  Read more….


2020 Arnold Classic Pro Men Blu-RayGMV-1056-BRDVD  Blu-ray DVD  Duration:  266 mins  Sample Clip

Fabulous quality Blu-ray version of the 2020 Arnold Classic Pro Men.  Brilliantly won for the second time by William Bonac.  Read more…


2020 Arnold Classic Pro Women DVDGMV-1051-DVD   Open Region DVD  Duration: 188 mins  Sample Clip

Congratulations to the winners – Natalia Abraham Coelho from USA in Women’s Physique, Bikini International winner Elisa Pecini from Brazil, Fitness International winner Missy Truscott from USA and Figure winner Natalia Soltero from Mexico.  Read more …


2020 Arnold Strongman Classic GMV-1053-DVD  Open Region DVD  Duration: 240 mins  Sample Clip

Congratulations to the winner HAFTHOR BJORNSSON of Iceland, winning his third ARNOLD STRONGMAN CLASSIC. Mateusz Kieliszkowski of Poland was second, 2 points behind Hafthor and Martins Licis of USA was third.  Read more…