Fabulous Women – Live: FIBO 96 Grand Prix (DVD)

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GMV-225-DVD  Open Region DVD  Duration:  60 mins  Sample Clip

Showcasing the very best European women in bodybuilding in 1996. LIVE!! On stage at FIBO ’96, from NABBA and the IFBB, this is sensational footage.



Showcasing the very best European women in bodybuilding in 1996. LIVE!! On stage at FIBO ’96, from NABBA and the IFBB, this is sensational all new footage. See all the exciting contest action from the 8th Miss World Grand Prix Figure Class from the main show stage at FIBO 1996, Essen, Germany.

The top 4 women in this event in particular have achieved great things in the sport. Claudia Muhlhaus went on to win the NABBA Universe Overall Figure Class title in 1997.  She was runner-up at the 1998 NABBA Universe in her Figure Class.

You can see more of Sabine Weeke, Manuela Neugebauer, Claudia Muhlhaus and Petra Morlok, in the 1995 NABBA Miss World Grand Prix. Or in  the 1996 NABBA Worlds. Weeke is pictured lower front cover. Muhlhaus and Morlok pictured rear upper cover.

Susan Malekpur then went on to win a number of Overall and class  titles in the WFF competitions such as the 2008 WFF Universe, and the 2005 WFF Worlds.

These 10 women were some of the most strikingly beautiful figure class women we have ever shot on stage. Claudia has the most hypnotic, piercing blue eyes we have ever seen!  On top of that they all epitomised what Figure Class truly stands for and all are champions. The contest is the major part of the DVD. The fabulous line-up is pictured at the top of the front cover. Photos by Gallasch and Jaques.

Posing by top IFBB Stars

The second part of the DVD features posing by 4 top IFBB stars, being Jackie Paisley, Gabriella Szikszay, Diana Gimmler and Petra Driesner.

Jackie Paisley was an IFBB professional female bodybuilder from the United States who 3 times competed in the Ms. Olympia. She was one of the top competitors in women’s bodybuilding in the late 80’s and early to mid 90’s. Her biggest success was winning the 1989 Ms. International contest at the Arnold Classic event.


1 Claudia Muhlhaus
2 Sabine Weeke
3 Susan Malekpur
4 Manuela Neugebauer
5 Petra Morlok
6 Claudia Machmor
7 Bianca Blumenrother
8 Inge Babel
9 Stefanie Friedel
10 Ilka Schmitz