Flex Appeal – Muscle and Curves (DVD)

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V-010-DVD  Open Region DVD  Sample Clip
Duration:  60 mins

Flex Appeal  Muscle and Curves will go down as the first documented presentation of the unique sport of women’s bodybuilding. Stars Rachel McLish as guest poser.



Flex Appeal Down Under will go down as the first documented presentation of the unique sport of women’s bodybuilding.
You will see what it’s all about “down under”, from the girls working out in the gym to the centre stage of the final posedown.
It’s a full inside look at the women in the sport – at work – at play – in the gym – on stage!

See the controversial JOY DOBSON (also appearing in the 1986 NABBA Universe Women’s video A-0326 ) Ms. International, Ms. Southern Hemisphere, Ms. Universe, Ms. Australia and Australian Power Lifting Champion.

See RACHEL McLISH, two- time Ms. Olympia guest posing at this event which is featured in Flex Appeal.
Witness her flawless championship body that has been dubbed the best in the world, and her exciting posing routine that brought the audience to its feet. You’ll enjoy the rare candid interview with Rachel as she talks of her career and future ambitions, plus backstage footage as she prepares to go on stage.


The contest of Flex Appeal is The 1983 AUSTRALIAN WOMEN’S IFBB NATIONAL BODYBUILDING CHAMPIONSHIPS. See 6 finalists in a torrid posedown.

* This is a direct transfer to DVD with no special features.

1982 Miss Olympia 1982 Miss Olympia One of the golden oldies: Rachel McLish was the winner in this the 3rd year of the contest. She was followed by Carla Dunlap, Kike Elomaa, Lynn Conkwright and many other famous names of the 80s. As they wrote at the time, “The new Miss Olympia is lean, muscular, sensual. She is the new breed of woman.”

See 26 beautiful athletic bodybuilding women in the most prestigious competition for female bodybuilders. Winner Rachel McLish went on to star in films and is still in fantastic shape today. Carla Dunlap went on to win the 1983 Miss Olympia. Sadly no film or video record of that event exists.