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2017 Arnold Australia Amateur – Women (Video File)

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For the first time, you can purchase your own class, and have the edited Video File sent to you by a free video transfer service.  A File includes the complete class through to the awards.  If you are a class winner in an overall posedown this will be included in your file.  If you are a competitor, we will know your class from the competitor records.  If not a competitor, email with class name.




Melbourne, VIC.   March 17 – 19, 2017

The Women’s video files presents all of the Classes of the 2017 ARNOLD AUSTRALIA WOMEN’S AMATEUR & MODEL SEARCH.

We recorded all of the lineups, posing, key comparisons, callouts, posing and all awards, plus the OVERALL AWARDS and the awarding of Pro Cards.

You can purchase any individual class, and have the edited Video File sent to you by our free video transfer service.  A file includes the complete class through to the awards. If a competitor orders and is a class winner involved in an Overall Posedown, all will be included in the file.

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The winner of the Women’s Figure Open – Overall & Pro Card was Silvia Kovacsova of Australia.
The winner of the Women’s Bikini Fitness Open – Overall & Pro Card was Melissa Carver, also of Australia.
The Women’s Physique Open & Pro Card winner was Karolína Borkovcová of the Czech Republic.

The 2017 Arnold Model Search Australia winner was Suzanna Petrich.

(All Women’s Classes and the Arnold Women’s Model Search are on DVD.
Disc #1: Bikini Fitness, Fitness & Model Search.  RT 220 mins
Disc #2: Figure & Women’s Physique.  RT 100 mins.
Total Running time: 320 mins )

Class Winners:
Women’s Bikini Juniors: Georgia Evans  Australia
Women’s Bikini Fitness Novice Short: Dinah McQueen  Australia
Women’s Bikini Fitness Novice Tall: Bridgette Ballico  Australia
Women’s Bikini Masters: Elisha Paynter  Australia
Women’s Bikini Fitness Open U/160 cm: Asha Coulthard  Australia
Women’s Bikini Fitness Open U/163 cm: Melissa Carver  Australia
Women’s Bikini Fitness Open U/166 cm: Larissa Francis  Australia
Women’s Bikini Fitness Open U/169 cm: Nicole Tovey  Bermuda
Women’s Bikini Fitness Open Over 169 cm: Sophie Guidolin   Australia
Women’s Bikini Fitness Open – Overall Winner & Pro Card: Melissa Carver  Australia
Women’s Fitness Open: Annaleise Varga  Australia
Women’s Figure Masters Over 35 years: Maria Andriano  Australia
Women’s Figure Novice Short U/169 cm: Alexis Paterno  Australia
Women’s Figure Novice Tall O/169 cm: Ruby Binelli   Australia
Women’s Figure Open U/169 cm: Silvia Kovacsova   Australia
Women’s Figure Open O/169 cm: Rose Black  Australia
Women’s Figure Open – Overall Winner & Pro Card: Silvia Kovacsova  Australia
Women’s Physique Open: Karolína Borkovcová Czech Republic – Pro Card
2017 Arnold Model Search Australia: Female Winner: Suzanna Petrich  Australia

Photography: Gary Phillips Photography, Darren Burns and the Arnold Classic Photography team.

2017 Arnold Amateur Australia – Women’s Results
March 17-19, 2017   Melbourne, VIC.

Women’s Bikini Juniors
1. Georgia Evans      Australia
2. Jessica McKirdy      Australia
3. Aleksandra Banda   Australia
4. Chantelle Knight      Australia
5. Allanah Sheehan     Australia
6. Libby Angus      New Zealand
7. Abbey Jessop      New Zealand
8. Bec Wagstaff      Australia
9. Emma Lucas      Australia
10. Moncia Bonasera  Australia
Nicole Fletcher  Australia
Ashley Hirst  Australia
Paris Coldham  Australia
Julia Tran   Australia
Olivia Hillier  Australia
Sydnee Richardson Australia
Bree Tisdell  Australia
Vanessa Allia  Australia
Taylor Smith  Australia
Lorna Lock  Australia
Jaqueline Retzack  Australia
Shanae DiCicco  Australia
Moncia Bonasera  Australia
Natalie Pritchard  Australia
Amy Amy Germano Australia
Rachel Buckingham Australia
Lopez Amoelle  Australia
Jessica Bennie  Australia
Toniya Jones  Australia

Women’s Bikini Fitness Novice Short
1. Dinah McQueen Australia
2. Stephanie Kalms Australia
3. Nazanin Khanjani New Zealand
4. Stacey Clark Australia
5. Lopez Amaellia Australia
6. Sarah Hart Australia
7. Vanessa Allia Australia
8. Jayde Boljkovac Australia
9. Emma Barff Australia
10. Stephanie Brook-Lochki Australia
Joanna Schell Australia
Michaela Coy Australia
Sustasinee Lee Australia
Claudi Lotter Australia
Elena Pitsikas Australia
Kaitlyn Whitelaw Australia
Natalie Sheppard Australia
Bronwyn Kunjka Australia
Julia Tran Australia
Sami Imbriano Australia
Megan Care Australia
Eliza Williams Australia
Linley Verran Australia
Angela Gauci Australia
Layla El Masri Australia
Katie Drennan Australia
Joanne Louziotis Australia
Jess Ambados Australia

Women’s Bikini Fitness Novice Tall
1. Bridgette Ballico Australia
2. Danielle Michell  Australia
3. Misha Osselli  Australia
4. Alana Nelson  Australia
5. Emma Lucas  Australia
6. Morgan Northrup  Australia
7. Aimee Cullen  Australia
8. Gabrielle Neale  Australia
9. Bec Wagstaff  Australia
10. Ashley Hirst  Australia
Anika Moore    Australia
Ashlee Williams    Australia
Bree Tisdell    Australia
Amanda Fisher    Australia
Rena Watson    Australia
Stacie Hargrave    Australia
Olivia Chenoweth    Australia
Ana Helena Coppola Coons  Australia
Jessica Blanch    Australia
Claudia Javasoski    Australia
Taylor Smith    Australia
Sarah Higham    Australia
Dominique Williams  Australia
Samantha Williams   Australia
Amanda Nottingham  Australia
Natalie Pritchard    Australia
Chelsea Auld    Australia
Briana Simpson    Australia
Amelia Waters    Australia
Stephanie Traycevska  Australia
Rebecca Johnson    Australia

Women’s Bikini Masters
1. Elisha Paynter  Australia
2. Kristen Lonie  Australia
3. Nicole Tovey  Bermuda
4. Erin Blandford  Australia
5. Crissi Carvalho  Australia
6. Jodie Doble  Australia
7. Jodee Morgan  Australia
8. Karley Feaver  Australia
9. Despina Farsarakis Australia
10. Natalie Dawson Australia
Nicole Kuc    Australia
Kylie Houghton-King Australia
Lubet Sophie    France
Kylie Newtown    Australia
Sandra Makris    Australia
Katrina Scotland    Australia
Neme Egginton-Gomez Australia
Tiffany Peckitt    Australia

Women’s Bikini Fitness Open U/160 cm
1. Asha Coulthard      Australia
2. Julia Barnard      Australia
3. Crissi Carvalho      Australia
4. Desiree Dvaz      Australia
5. Jasimen Vernon      Australia
6. Dinah McQueen      Australia
7. Katie Jean      Australia
8. Renee Fish      Australia
9. Nicole Tan      Australia
10. Shannon Jennings Australia
Joanna Schell  Australia
Alexandra Tetiarahi  Tahiti
Joumana Rizko  Australia
Sheree Chin  Australia
Naomi Glover  Australia
Katrina Scotland  Australia
Natalie Sing  Australia
Illiyana Kostova  Australia
Emma Barff  Australia
Yan Gao                New Zealand
Stephanie Brook-Lochki  Australia
Sami Imbriano  Australia

Women’s Bikini Fitness Open U/163 cm
1. Melissa Carver         Australia
2. Stephanie Kalms       Australia
3. Anna McManamey    Australia
4. Kristen Lonie        Australia
5. Allanah Sheehan       Australia
6. Suzanna Petrich        Australia
7. Claudi Lotter        Australia
8. Rachel Buckingham  Australia

Women’s Bikini Fitness Open U/166 cm
1. Larissa Francis Australia
2. Chantelle Knight  Australia
3. Prudence Taylor  Australia
4. Georgia Evans  Australia
5. Libby Angus  Australia
9. Elisha Paynter  Australia
8. Aime Hassan  Australia
7. Erin Blandford  Australia
6. Jessica Mckirdy  Australia
10. Anna Cardina Fritzen  Brazil
Eliza Williams    Australia
Vanessa McFarlane  Australia
Jodie Doble    Australia
Annalese Barga    Australia
5Claudia Jobanouski Australia
Emily Beraldo    Australia
Anika Moobe    Australia

Women’s Bikini Fitness Open U/169 cm
1. Nicole Tovey     Bermuda
2. Caroline Deveaux    Australia
3. Bridgette Ballico      Australia
4. Nicole Challer      Australia
5. Rosa Leona      Australia
6. Sydnee Richardson Australia
7. Alana Nelson      Australia
8. Alycia Soares      Australia
9. Fry Mai Aruq      Mexico
10. Jade Dodds      Australia

Women’s Bikini Fitness Open Over 169 cm
1. Sophie Guidolin      Australia
2. Shanae DiCicco      Australia
3. Taleah Testa      Australia
4. Catherine Ferris      Australia
5. Misha Osseili      Australia
6. Jessica Sluga      Australia
8. Danielle Mitchell      Australia
7. Jade Pollock      Australia
9. Morgan Northrup      Australia
10. Jaqueline Retzack Australia
Dominique Williams    Australia
Sarah Higham      Australia
Chantelle Bauer      Australia

Women’s Bikini Fitness Open – Overall Winner & Pro Card:  
Melissa Carver      Australia

Women’s Fitness Open
1. Annaleise Varga  Australia
2. Lisa Cope  Australia
3. Sinead Brewer  Australia
4. Samantha Cole  Australia

Women’s Figure Masters Over 35 years
1. Maria Andriano    Australia
2. Alexandra Hipwell Australia
3. Fimka Hampson    Australia
4. Skye Nestler    Australia
5. Vesna Kouzan    Australia
6. Sharon Wingate    Australia
7. Julia Serafina    Australia
8. Kathy Burnell    Australia
9. Joy Flint    Australia
10. Stephanie Lemaistre  New Caledonia
11. Moux Anne – Maue    Tahiti
12. Dragana Poznanovic  Australia
13. Megan McMahon      Australia

Women’s Figure Novice Short U/169 cm
1. Alexis Paterno        Australia
2. Nesa Resulovic        Australia
3. Alexis Adam        Australia
4. Tiffany Smith        Australia
5. Alessa Krze        Australia
6. Christina Siviour        Australia
7. Carla Salvaggio        Australia
8. Sophie Familton        Australia
9. Nyssa Bovenkamp     Australia
10. Gayle Athanasiadis  Australia
11. Eliza Nicole        Australia
12. Jo Philp        Australia
13. Shannon Ghossein   Australia
14. Gabrielle Roeshew    Australia
15. Dragana Poznanovic Australia

Women’s Figure Novice Tall O/169 cm

1. Ruby Binelli   Australia
2. Viv Culverwell   Australia
3. Tanea Gilroy   Australia
4. Casse Keeping   Australia
5. Megan McMahon  Australia
6. Amy King   Australia
7. Carissa Perano   Australia
8. Ashley Bowden   Australia

Women’s Figure Open U/169 cm
1. Silvia Kovacsova   Australia
2. Janet Kane   Australia
3. Jacquie Mync   Australia
4. Kelly Sammut   Australia
5. Nesa Resulovic   Australia
6. Fimka Hampson   Australia
7. Bindy Mulligan   Australia
8. Emma Tullett   Australia
9. Skye Nestler   Australia
10. Sharon Wingate Australia
11. Kathy Burnell   Australia
12. Eliza Fairbrother Australia
13. Rhiannana Keith Australia
14. Julia Serafani   Australia
15. Gloria Kaneko   Australia
16. Ruby Vella   Australia
17. Danni Gargano   Australia
18. Tiffany Smith   Australia

Women’s Figure Open O/169 cm
1. Rose Black    Australia
2. Alexandra Hipwell Australia
3. Elise Fargie   Australia
4. Tahlia Conlan   Australia
5. Emma Gayton   Australia
6. Maria Anrhawo   Australia
7. Viv Culverwell   Australia
8. Vesna Kouzan   Australia
9. Olivia Hatchman   Australia
10. Cassie Keeping  Australia
11. Laura Cochrane  New Zealand
12. Tanith Gregory   Australia

Women’s Figure Open – Overall Winner & Pro Card: 
Silvia Kovacsova  Australia

Women’s Physique Open
1. Karolína Borkovcová Czech Republic – Pro Card
2. Lenka Ferencuková  Czech Republic
3. Alena Hatvani       Czech Republic
4. Kirsty Mitchell       Australia
5. Talor Martin       Australia
6. Glenda Girard       New Caledonia
7. Maia Stier       Australia
8. Marlene De Oliveira  Australia
9. Michelle Achilles      Australia
10. Tina Black       Australia
11. Lindsey Badato      Australia
12. Tamara Legge       Australia
13. Angela Overkov       Australia
14. Alysha Kempp       Australia
15. Carol Lally       Australia
16. Natasha Bartlett     Australia

2017 Arnold Model Search Australia: Female Results

1. Suzanna Petrich   Australia
2. Katie Jean
3. Naomi Glover
Maiari Fry
Natasha Roman
Nicole Tovey

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