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1980 IFBB Amateur Mr. Universe (Download)

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V-032  Digital Download  Duration: 50 mins  Sample Preview

Some of the star bodybuilders you will see are: Hubert Metz, Gary Leonard, Johnny Fuller, Richard Baldwin, Ulf Bengtsson, Jorma Raty and many more.


1980 IFBB Amateur Mr. Universe

Held in Manila, Philippines.  This version was shot on video and is much longer – and hence more fun with full live soundtrack. The footage was shot entirely at the evening FINALS.

Some of the star bodybuilders you will see are: Hubert Metz, Gary Leonard, Johnny Fuller, Richard Baldwin, Ulf Bengtsson, Jorma Raty and many more. In the middleweight class, many good judges of bodybuilding say that Richard Baldwin should have won. You be the judge!

In this class Richard Jonker of Australia finished 3rd and this was the highest ever placing of an Aussie in an International IFBB event, as far as we know.

Also includes posedowns and awards. This is an historic presentation of a classic IFBB contest.

Click here for a PHOTO GALLERY featuring some of the stars seen in this DVD, photographed away from the event by Wayne Gallasch.

Hubert Metz Photo Gallery

1980 World Amateur Championships – IFBB Mr Universe Results

HeavyWeight Class

1   Hubert Metz Germany
2   Reid Schindle Canada
3   Christian Janatsch Austria
4   Karl Kainrath Austria
5   Achmed Ibrahim Egypt
6   Gary Leonard USA

LightHeavyWeight Class
1   Johnny Fuller UK
2   Bronston Austin USA
3   Keijo Reiman Finland
4   Ulf Bengtsson Sweden
5   Erwin Note Belgium
6   John Terilli Australia

MiddleWeight Class
1   Jorma Raty Finland
2   Richard Baldwin USA
3   Richard Jonker Australia
4   Doug Ross USA
5   Robert Dantlinger Czech Rep
6   Michel Dermaux Switzerland

LightWeight Class
1   Heinz Sallmayer Austria
2   Ken Passariello USA
3   Ray Beaulieu Canada
4   Esmat Sadek Egypt
5   Harry Derglin Switzerland
6   Steven Newton UK