Golden Age Of Muscle: 1982 Mr Olympia (Download)

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Mr Olympia 1982 The unforgettable Mr Olympia in the UK – including Chris Dickerson, Frank Zane, Tom Platz and Brutal Bertil Fox!


Golden Age Of Muscle:  1982 Mr Olympia 

Mr 1982 Mr Olympia was known as the unforgettable Mr Olympia being the first and only Olympia held in the UK. It also produced the oldest Mr Olympia winner in Chris Dickerson at the age of 43.

Held at the Wembley Arena, just outside London, this historic bodybuilding venue perfectly showcased this contest for the sell-out crowd. Bill Pearl was in attendance and was involved with interviews with Chris after his victory.

Other stars of the show included Frank Zane, Tom Platz, Casey Viator, Samir Bannout and Brutal Bertil Fox!  This is the video of the Finals.


1.   Chris Dickerson
2.   Frank Zane
3.   Casey Viator
4.   Samir Bannout
5.   Albert Beckles
6.   Tom Platz
7.   Mohamed Makkawy
7.   Bertil Fox
9.   Johnny Fuller
10. Jusup Wilcosz
11. Boyer Coe
12. Danny Padilla
13. Jacques Neuville
14. Dennis Tinerino
15. Lance Dreher
16. Roger Walker